Europe learned first real news about Komi in IX century, after a valiant Norwegian called Ottar had visited this land according the order of Alfred the Great, King of Britain. In that time this traveller needed many long weeks, even months to reach the edge of Europe on board of a small wooden ship swimming around the whole Scandinavia.

Now you need few minutes, even seconds to make a trip to this severe and beautiful country. These links will help you:

Komi Republic

Shortly about the Komi Republic

Official server of the Komi Republic

Map of the Komi Republic

Why "Komi"? (A little history)

Lessons of Komi language (in Russian)

Finno-Ugric history and culture

A lot of links, introducing finno-ugric peoples, their history, culture and modern life

National Museum of the Komi Republic

National Gallery of the Komi Republic

Traditional culture of the European North-East

The Komi mythology

Landscapes of the Komi Republic"

Komi history and culture monuments"

Komi songs

Press of the Komi Republic

Komi Science Center

Companies and business of the Komi Republic

Ministry for Economics of the Komi Republic

Some information about the Komi Republic

State Commitee for Statistics of the Komi Republic

A variety of statistics concerning the Komi Republic (in Russian)

Virtual album "Some places of the Komi Republic"

Syktyvkar - the capital of the Komi Republic

A lot of various information about Syktyvkar

Virtual album "Syktyvkar"

Virtual album "Old Syktyvkar"

Other Komi cities




These are servers, which are located in our region:

Server of the joint-stock company "Komitex" (in Russian)

Server of the company "Parma Inform" (in Russian)

Server of the company "TeleRoss-Komi"(in Russian)

This is a link for Russian speaking users,interesting in the different languages, which are tought less commonly:


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