Basic Information on AIDS

What is AIDS?

Aids....Acquired ImmunoDeficiency Syndrome.... is a disease in which the body's immune system breaks down. The immune system fights off infections and certain other diseases. Because the system fails, a person with AIDS develops a variety of life-threatening illnesses.

How You Can Contract HIV(the virus that causes AIDS)

The HIV virus is spread through blood, semen, or vaginal secretions.

Ways in which fluids are spread

  1. Vaginal sex
  2. Anal sex
  3. Oral sex
  4. Using contaminated needles
  5. Pregnant mothers can infect their unborn children
  6. If you recieved a blood transfusion before 1985

    How You Can't Contract HIV

    1. Bug bites
    2. Animal Bite
    3. Eating food handled, prepared or served by a person with HIV
    4. Sharing toilets, telephones or clothes
    5. Sharing forks, spoons, knives or drinking glasses
    6. Touching, hugging or kissing a person with HIV
    7. Attending school, church or other public places where there are HIV positive people
    8. Sweat
    9. Giving blood
    10. Getting a blood transfusion
    11. artificial insemination

      How To Protect Yourself

      1. Abstinance--Don't have sex whether it is vaginal, anal or oral
      2. Don't do drugs
      3. If you are having sex, use latex condom and spermicide
      4. If you are doing drugs, don't share needles
      5. practice monagamy
      6. If you work in the health profession, take the necessary precautions.

        What Do You Do If You Think You Might Be Infected

        1. Get tested
        2. Recieve counseling
        3. If you test positive...ask for help from close friends and family, if possible. If not go to counseling or join a support group.
        4. If you test negative...rethink your action...change your lifestyle so that you are not in the risk group, get retested after 6 months.

          I hope this information helps!!!

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