Art was very popular in Greece. Greek art included paintings, sculptures, poetry (literature), and plays. The paintings and sculptures showed the human body pulchritudinous and with no imperfection. Many future generations copied Greeks art and passed the technique of art down to the future generations as if it were a tradition.

Its said that the Greeks perfected the literary forms. A popular literary form was long poems acknowledging heroic deeds called an epic poem. The story " Odyssey and the Iliad" was also mad into an epic poem. Another popular form of poetry was a lyric poem. Lyric poetry is about feelings rather than special events.

Greek theatre is said to be the greatest contribution of Greek literature. Greek's tragic plays are stilled adored to this day. because they deal with issues with the way people behave. Another kind of plays that the Greeks enjoyed was comedy plays. Their style of comedy we still see many of today. The comedy plays made fun of public figures, politics, and social issues. One man, Aristophanes, would often make fun of the important people in the plays he would write.