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01 1953: Birth of Alpha Blondy in Dimbokora, Cote d'Ivoire.
1993: Release of the Sade's album Cherish The Day.
02 1949: Birth of Chick Churchill -Drums & Keyboards of Ten Years After- in Flintshire, England.
03 1945: Birth of Stephen Stills in Dallas, TX.
04 1942: Birth of John McLaughlin in Yorkshire, England.
05 1950: Birth of Chris Stein -guitarist of Blondie- in Brooklyn, NY.
06 1946: Birth of Roger "Syd" Barrett in Cambridge, England.
1953: Birth of Malcolm Young -lead guitar of AC/DC- in Glasgow, Scotland.
07 1944: Birth of Mike McGear -the Scaffold- and actually Paul McCartney's brother; he changed his name in the mid-'60s shortly after the Beatles become famous, not wishing to be perceived as riding Paul's coattails.
08 1935: Elvis Aron Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi.
09 1944: Birth of James Patrick (Jimmy) Page in Heston, Ireland.
10 1948: Birth of Donald Fagen.
1976: Howlin' Wolf's mighty cry was finally silenced by cancer.
11 1942: Birth of Clarence Clemons -saxophonist of the E Street Band- in Norfolk, VA.
12 1946: Birth of George Duke in San Rafael, CA.
13 1948: Birth of John Lees -Guitar and vocals of Barclay James Harvest in England.
14 1941: Birth of Mark Egan -Bass of The Pat Metheny Group in Brockton, MA-.
15 1941: Birth of Don Van Vliet (Captain Beefheart) in Glendale, CA.
1949: Birth of Ronnie VanZant -vocals of Lynyrd Skynyrd.
16 1959: Birth of Helen Folsade (Sade) Adu in Ibadan, Nigeria.
17 1944: Birth of Francoise Hardy in Paris, France.
1948: Birth of Mick Taylor -guitar of John Mayall and Rolling Stones- in Hereford, Hereford & Worcester, E.
18 1944: Birth of T-Bone Burnett in St. Louis, MO.
19 1946: Birth of Dolly Parton in Locust Ridge, TN.
20 1911: Birth of Louis Prima in New Orleans, LA.
21 1941: Birth of Richie Havens in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, NY.
22 1931: Birth of Sam Cooke in Clarksdale, MS.
23 1910: Birth of Jean Baptiste (Django) Reinhardt in Liverchies, Belgium.
1977: Release of the Pink Floyd's album Animals.
24 1949: Birth of John Belushi -vocals of the Blues Brothers- in Chicago, IL.
25 1927: Birth of Antonio Carlos Jobim in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
26 1908: Birth of Stephane Grappelly in Paris, France.
1921: Birth of Eddie Barclay in Paris, France.
27 1945: Birth of Nick Mason -Drums and Percussion of Pink Floyd- in Birmingham, England.
28 1945: Birth of Robert Wyatt -Soft Machine.
1970: The Band of Gypsys played their last live show at Madison Square Garden.
29 1953: Birth of David Byron -vocals of Uriah Heep- in Essex, England.
1953: Birth of Peter Baumann -Keyboards of Tangerine Dream- in Berlin, Germany.
30 1942: Birth of Marty Balin -lead singer and cofounder of Jefferson Airplane- in Cincinnati, OH.
1947: Birth of Steve Marriott -Small Faces, Humble Pie- in Bow, London, England.
31 1951: Birth of Phil Collins in Chiswick, London, England.
Birth of Phil Manzanera -guitar of Roxy Music- in London, England.

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