The Obligatory Links Page

You know, when I first started out with web pages, almost two years ago (early 1996), I thought it was a rule to have a links pages of places you go visit all the time. I think the best idea I've seen is using a links page instead of a bookmark list. But really, who else cares what kind of little things I visit now and then. I know I've had the following line here since I put this page up:
Don't worry, I'll get to the links page one of these days.
I don't think that's likely. So there.

Fishpunk Lives!

Check 'em out:
The Fishing Network
Fish Information Service(FINS)
Microwave the bastards
Amy Gale's recipes
Damn Sushi
Fishy Palindromes(pssh) and its home
Special Bonus: Eric Hedstrom
I have checked none of these, so I know not if they work, man.
But just to have a page full of fish links, that's been one of my dreams.
Like I said, though, the 'real' page will be out shortly. (ha!)