Sally Roose - 07/20/00 13:49:22
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Hi there sweet stuff...well what can i say..you have had an interesting few years..lol...i think i managed to see all of the pages possible about you..although it would be better if there were more pictures of YOU!!!! hmm....what else...i can't think of anything else really..lol..i loved mindy's page too..hehe...great! Take Care Love Sally -xxx-

Chris - 07/13/00 01:01:46
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Rich Trickey - 08/20/99 07:03:50
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'ello, 'ello. What's up? I'm betting you remember who I am, so I'll skip the gratuitous trip down memory lane, it always makes me ill, hehe. I stumbled on this page in some manner I'm not quite sure of, but I'm glad I did. Now and then I wonder what all the old MMHS '90 folks are up to. Nothing here worth mentioning, but drop me a line, alright? It'd be great to hear from ya. Take it easy, Rich (the artist formerly known as "Buddha" hehe, I always hated that shit!)

Morons for Mormons - 04/27/99 03:47:53
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We are developing a chain of Holiday Inn hotels in Romania and Eastern Europe. Is there a way in which we could bring 7-Elevens next to these hotels as a complementary?

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Just passing thru and saw your page Thanks

Elmer Jubenby - 09/16/98 01:07:00
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'Sup du? Your site makes me so damn thirsty. I live right by that one 7-Eleven, so I think I'll go there and get me a Super Big Gulp in your honor. Either that, or I'll get a 40 of malt liquor. You the man, man.

Lulu - 07/12/98 19:26:54
My Email:lulu@stalker.org
Your 7-Eleven page totally sucks! Anyone who says otherwise is lying! Hey, I was at 7-Eleven the other day. The line for lotto tickets went out the door (probably because of the 70 Million Dollar jackpot). This little fat kid was sucking slurpee out of the machine.

chichi the great - 07/02/98 18:43:14
i think you're coooool. could i be your friend??

Sandy - 06/28/98 12:48:45
My URL:http://www.reocities.com/Heartland/Meadows/8845
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Hey, I'm glad you got to my page by mistake! It got me to come visit yours...which I must say is cool! I loved the 7-Eleven page and Mindy the Pooh! It actually gave me a chance to visit another neighborhood since I think we all kinda get stuck in our own sometimes.

Jon LaBree - 04/16/98 18:49:55
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Could we be related? My father is also a Jon LaBree. Look us up if you are into genealogy.

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thank you come again!

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I found your site on the GeoGuide ! You have a very nice home page. I really enjoyed my stay and will be back. Keep up the good work..If you get time please come by our home page and look around and take time to sign our guest book. ...........J@cko

A GeoCities Featured Page

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Operation Commitment and Hope for Silicone Implant Survivors
Operation Commitment and Hope for Silicone Implant Survivors

Guenther Gruenspan - 12/01/97 22:55:12
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Hey, the convenience store situation isn't that bad...there's a gas station on the corner that's open almost all the time! No super big gulps, but you can get many different kinds of ice cream bars and there's lots of candy bar choices, too. Maybe sometime they'll discover the super big gulp, but it would probably cost $5.

Krazykat - 11/26/97 21:50:08
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A slurpee is alright with me.

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Loved your page! I am very new at all of this and am trying to get my homeage together. This can be very frustrating at times. Take care and stop by my homepage and sign my guestbook when you have the time.

Jodi - 09/10/97 17:47:46
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Speaking of banners your banner popped up on my home page so I clicked on it and here I am. Cool. I like your home real cozy,lots of things to look at and the picture of you and your wife is great. My son has a dog and they named it elwood after the blues brothers,he has been a big fan for years. When he was younger him and a friend went to a halloween party as the Blues Brothers,scary they looked like them. well you can see a picture of his elwood if you go to my home and click on his home page link, it i called Barbwyr and go to theeditors page.Well time to quit boring you. Take care.Come visit me at
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Thank You

Lisa - 08/22/97 16:55:48
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Hey...very cute page....*S* I liked you Mindy page.....*S*

Beowulf - 08/13/97 12:51:34
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Thanks for the laughs!

Mindy! - 08/11/97 04:14:15
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Your site sure made me thirsty! But after reading your reviews, I know which c-stores I'm gonna hit now. Whoo-hoo..

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