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Parade Schedules
HerculesFriday, Feb. 5/ 6:30 P.M.West Houma
AquariusSaturday, Feb. 6/ 6:30 P.M.West Houma
HyacinthiansSunday, Feb 7/ 1:30 P.M.West Houma
AphroditeFriday, Feb. 12/ 6:30 P.M.West Houma
Mardi GrasSaturday, Feb. 13/ 6:30 P.M.East Houma
TerreaniansSunday, Feb. 14/ 1:30 P.M.West Houma
CleopatraMonday, Feb. 15/ 6:30 P.M.West Houma
HoumasTuesday, Feb. 16/ 11:00 A.M.West Houma
KajunsTuesday, Feb. 16/ following HoumasWest Houma

Route Maps
The following maps appeared in The Houma Courier on Thursday January 30, 1997. This Years parades follow the same routes as last year.

Future Dates
1999February 16
2000March 7

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