JaRon Eames will be performing a special MOTHERS DAY "JAZZ BRUNCH 2009" 11PM-3PM HOLLYWOOD CASINO.. BATON ROUGE LA. also celebration of my mothers 86th birthday.

Friday night, MAY 8th 2009- 7pm-10pm JaRon Eames Blues show @ Po-Boy Lloyds/Baton Rouge La. 201 Florida St. 225-387-2271

JaRon Eames and Trio, In performance at THE DORY RESTAURANT. JAZZ BRUNCH JULY 5TH 2-6PM... 185 North Ferry Rd Shelter Island. Phone 631-749, 4300


The new book by JaRon Eames- "JAZZ CONVERSATIONS" is due out this winter. I will be speaking about the book, this Oct. 17th, Saturday afternoon 2-4 pm, and performing with my 5 piece band - Piano- AMY QUINT MILLAN, Bass-HIDE TANAKA -Guitar- ETHAN MANN Sax- CLEVE GUYTON- Drums-tba. AT the NEW YORK HISTORICAL SOCIETY 76th st and Central Park West. ADMISSION IS FREE

On stage in a one on one interview my guest will be the legendary (former) publicist for the Rockefeller center's Rainbow Room and currently the Exec vice president of the Louis Armstrong Foundation, Ms. Pheobe Jacobs. Also confidant and friend to ELLA, SARAH, PEGGY, BENNY GOODMAN, DUKE, and so many more,In fact, she planned the funeral for Louis Armstrong. Ms Jacobs was there when the music was as good as it got,and we are blessed to have her share her MANY stories with us. Come join us and ask Ms Jacobs your question.

I'm honored to be introduced on this day by the swinging saxophonist and Exec Dir. of the Jazz Museum in Harlem Mr. Loren Schoenberg. A very special thanks to Ms. O'Connor for making this possible. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loren_Schoenberg http://www.ny1.com/Default.aspx?ArID=70849&SecID=1000 https://www.nyhistory.org/web/ http://www.jaroneames.com

Jazz Conversations An historical and important book of 41 interviews from many of the musical legends who have helped shape this genre we call jazz in America. A truly original art form born out of whore houses and racism and gin joints in the deep south of Louisiana, my home. Unfortunately today,In my opinion, jazz ain't what it use to be. So much so that its unrecognizable if one grew up on authentic jazz as I did.

Many of the musical legends in this book, NANCY WILSON, OSCAR PETERSON, JOE WILLIAMS, ANITA O'DAY , CLARK TERRY,AHMAD JAMAL, LITTLE JIMMY SCOTT,DAKOTA STATON, HANK JONES, JON HENDRICKS,DICK HYMAN among many more,and those behind center stage who greased the wheel to make the music available like ART D'LUDGOFF, GEORGE WEIN, GEORGE AVAKIAN,and JOHN LEVY,all share with me parts of there life in this musical history of about 400 pages.

Authentic,real swing, black soul. Listen to the folks who made jazz what it was and listen to the people today. Why is jazz losing audiences? I believe part of the problem is due to the fact that it's been so watered down and sanitized by trying to be Politically Correct and all inclusive. Bring back the real stuff and people will come back. Don't lower the standards, raise the bar. Don't dummy down, bring people up.

This art is not for those who can't think. Let's not make the music less challenging just to make it easier for people to understand. Put it out their and those who are suppose to get it will, Let's not bastardize this great art form any longer. Nowadays any and everything is called jazz. Thank god for the Japanese, Europeans because they want to hear the real thing -- real blues, real jazz -- real soul not all of the stuff which passes for jazz today. Sad to say, that seems to only work in America. ( which is why for many years American jazz has been so popular and sought after in those countries, and where today musicians can still make a living.

There are musicians out here today keeping the truth alive, really swinging, putting soul, creativity, and depth, back into the music, but the public rarely hears of them, because it's for the most part on independent labels. I beleive it's because record companies, major magazines/ jazz publications, and the "powers that be" have bought into the hype of who is supposed to be where they are and help to promulgate this foolishness. Advertisers- which pay for the space can promote the jazz du'jour, and the slick Madison Avenue "suits" are now dictating who/what is real jazz. Its become an American idol jazz market.

A watered down version of jazz has prevailed and only people who have no true knowledge of the real thing, think it's real. To my ears, many who are being promoted and pushed, sing and play as if they never had a really good orgasm. The kind that makes ones toes wiggle. But that's just my opinion.

This is one of the main reason on my TV show every week for 15 years, i let the public at least see the faces of those who came before, so the public will never forget. You can get more of this mind set by watching the longest running weekly jazz TV program, The JaRon Eames Show, bringing the REAL LEGENDS to the public to tell their stories, UNFILTERED. my motto from this day forward,(NO MORE FOOLISHNESS) www.jaroneames.com About the author JaRon was born in Baton Rouge La, 1953. Moved to New York in 1973 to follow his dream of music,( after graduating high school and one year of college at Southern Univ.)JaRon also Worked for Japan Air Lines from 1974-1977 and after traveling around the world left to devote his life to jazz. JaRon has been performing in night clubs in America, Europe, and Asia for over 25 years. He has produced 4 cds,and is producing and hosting since 1994 the longest running weekly jazz TV show in history. WATCH THE JARON EAMES SHOW in Manhattan Wednesday nights 12,30 am channel 34. and WORLD WIDE streamed on line by going to http://www.MNN.org

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