This page is Dedicated to the Lovely People who have bestowed upon me their Award's. There's not enough word's to describe how grateful that I am for that Honor, that's why I am dedicating this space to them, Thanks to all who have Awarded me with your prestigious award's, I'll just keep trying harder, thanks.
Each award has a link, I invite you to follow the link to these pages and visit!

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Click here to go see Melanie's Site, It's really Cool, Mint Julep!
My very First Award was presented to me by "The Attaboy Crew", I was trying for the "Attaboy Award", but my page's liked a lot qualifying for that award, but it was good enough to win the "Allright Award" thanks Crew, I'll just keep trying for that Attaboy, I don't give up that easy.


Click Here to go Visit Dave at his Dixie Site, it's Great.
My Second Award, "The Rebel Yell Award" was given to me by  Mr. Dave Wall  The "DIXIE ANGEL", and I was really surprised sure enough by that one, I can't begin to tell you how "Happy" that one made me, shucks, my wife had to go out and get the old Washtubto put on my bald head it swelled up so big, (teehee). Again, thanks Dave "The Dixie Angel" you're the best, and you do beautiful work too. Y'all go visit Dave's page to see the beautiful graphic design that he does. While you are there take a look at his Beautiful Daughters.
I would like to Steal Daves Lil' Rebel but I'm afraid he might Shoot me, ain't the Lil' Rascal a Darling!



Click the Award Plaque to go to John's and Apply for Yours!

The above award was presented to this site by Mr. John Ballem, of John's Links and Sites, I was very pleased that John saw fit to Award my page with his Prestigious Award, John said my site was both Original in Content and Aesthetically Pleasing! Thanks John the Award is cherished by "The Rebel"


Click Here to Go to "Memphis Jan's" Home page.

And again, another surprise from our Dear Friend up in the River City, none other than "Memphis Jan" the Rock&Roll Queen. Thank you Jan for this Wonderful Award, by the way how did you get a picture of me in my Rockingchair,(hehe) My Rock don't Roll as good as it used to though. Again Thank you from the Bottom of my Heart, we Love y'all! Yeah Ha...

My thanks to the fine folk's for this award, they were impressed with the Shrine Page that is dedicated to the Lovely Little Kid's that we work so hard for in the Shriners Organization, but it's a labor of Love. And our reward is always an excellent one, it's the beautiful smile on that child's face when the get well and they come to you and give you that Million Dollar "Hug", God bless each one of them.

Go Visit this site, it is very informative, and they have numerous different awards for different things.

Click here to be transported to this Beautiful Site.

Thanks Kind Knights Organization, for this Wonderful Award, It will always be my Pleasure to Fly it Proudly, for I truly know what the meaning behind it is, It is truly an Honor to Be Knighted, this is the Second Time I have been Fortunate enough to be Knighted, I am also a Knights Templar if you know what that is, if you don't, just ask me and I will gladly Explain it too anyone.

I would ask that anyone visiting this page, Please go to this site and check it out for your self, help all the Children of this World to have a Better Life.

Click here to go to this site.


"Please help to support the "Adopt A Guardian Angel" program. By doing so you are virtually taking the hand of a neighbor and joining us in creating a never ending circle around the world that will empower us to stand up and be the Voice for all the children of this planet! Show them we care enough to make a difference! In reality, by displaying this link back to our site you are helping us to meet our goal of creating awareness, education, recognition, prevention and intervention and that is the first real step towards breaking the cycle of abuse and stopping all forms of maltreatment!- Thank you for your support!

 Children Are Worth Saving Web Site

Thanks to "Joes Garage" for this Lovable Puppy Award, Joe has a great site and lot's of neat award's, Y'all take a few minutes and Go Visit Joe at his site, It is different than most. Thanks Joe Huxley for the Joes Garage award, it's just Super.

1998 Historic Site Award


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My special thanks to " Leah Berkowitz" for some graphics used here,

Thanks Leah, Y'all just Super!


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