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1958 to 1986
  Gone, but never Forgotten.
This is my Working Memorial to our Son, Barry Odell Dixon. Barry was taken from us in the year of 1986 in a tragic one car accident. Barry was 28 years old at the time of his death, he suffered for four day's and 5 night's with his skull crushed and his chest collapsed on both sides, living on a life support system until his brain started swelling to the point of never possibly being able to make it. That was the Absolute worst nightmare that I have ever had to live through in my Life, the Doctor's did everything in their power to save him, we stayed by his side for the entire time that he was in the trauma ward at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville.

I have been meaning to build this Memorial to him for some time now, but It's very hard to do it because of the memories that seeing him brings to mind. I have to tell you about the Son that I gave up. Barry was always a very well behaved child, never had to be told to do anything but once. Barry was a very unusual type of Kid in as much as he always had a tremendous caring instilled into him to care for the Elderly and Little Children, if he seen someone mis-treating an elderly person or a child you could bet they  had a fight on their hand's. When he lived at home he helped his Mother keep the house spotless, helped cook the meal's and clean the dishes. Was always a straight A Student in school, he would work on a farm in the summer after school to make extra money, to buy the thing's that he loved, he was a very talented child also.

When we lived in California, he took music lessons in school, and played the 120 Bass Accordion, he also was omnidextrous in that he could use his left hand as well as his right. Barry loved Music and had the best Stereo system money could buy. That is what he worked for, was money to buy the records that he loved. Barry never for one minute gave us any trouble as he was growing up.
Barry hardly ever asked us for anything, and when he did he would always ask can you afford it! My how thing's have changed from that time to now. Barry was always a very hard worker, he went to school in the day time, left school and either came to work for us in our restaurant or worked in the field's hauling in hay or working in tobacco.

Barry had been married for about 4 years when he was taken from us and he did not have any Children, in one way that was a blessing, yet in the other way it was really sad that I don't have a Grandchild to Love and Spend time with, I would have really Loved for him to have had at least 1 child to carry on the Dixon blood line, but I guess God knows best. We would probably been fighting all the time with the Girl he had Married, she was a very Possessive Person. When he was living, she didn't even want him to come and visit his Dad & Mom, we never knew the reason, only guessed it was jealousy, and not wanting to share him with us, since his death, and funeral, we have never seen or heard from her again.
This is going to sound like a typical parent, But Barry  was a 1 in a Million Child, always giving ten times more than he ever took, never asking for the unreasonable, and being satisfied with what he had, no matter what it was. I can remember back to the time we lived in California, one Christmas I got him a full sized working Model Car to put together, and when he opened it, he began to put it together and wanted my help.  I, naturally began to help him and after a few minutes he got up and went to do something else. I continued to work on the car, he came back and started yelling "Momma Make Daddy give me my Car" as if though I had just took over.. we really had a laugh out of that!!
One Christmas when we had put all his Gifts under the tree, we forgot to wrap one of the from Mom and Dad something that we had never thought of, as he began opening the gift's, all of a sudden he just stopped, tears running down his little cheeks, he turned to us and said Mom & Dad you don't Love me, just Santa Claus loves me, we saked why Barry, he said that you all didn't get me anything for Christmas, just "Santa Claus", that taught us a lesson. From then on out, we always had one under the tree from "Mom & Dad" !
Friends,I must say one thing to you about a Child. We all take them for Granted to a certain extent, we just assume that they are going to grow up and have Kid's of their own, just as we did. But We never think about what our lives would be like if something happened to the Children that we Cherish so Dearly, I never gave it a thought, not even once but if there ever comes a time in your lives that you have to give one up, you will never have Suffered the Pain that this Parent has lived with. Barry, as other Children was the most Loving, Kind, Caring Child, that I have ever seen in my entire Life!!
There is one thing that I want to say to all of you Parent's who have Children, after you read this Memorial to Our Son, is just this,
"Get Up From Your Computer Right Now" go and grab your Child and Give Him/Her, the absolute Biggest Hug & Kiss that you can Muster, Tell that child how much you LOVE them, because you could be the next unfortunate parent to loose that
Precious Little Person And my Prayer is Simply that, the Abuse and Mis-Treatment of Children the World Over be STOPPED! There is a new cliché out now and you have probably seen it, ( W.W.J.D.) !
"What Would Jesus Do"
"No One Can Do Everything; however everyone can do something.....and by working together we can accomplish many things! "
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My One Wish is simply that, You have enjoyed your Visit to "My Memorial" to Our Son
" Barry " &  also that you may have learned something from my experience as a parent that may help you if you are raising Children.
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