Hi there, I am going to try to give you some Information about the Greatest organization on Earth. The Shriner's Organization, Why do I say that, simply because all the work we do is for Crippled & Burned Children! We help Kid's all over the World who have disability's, either they were born with a crippling disorder, or they have been burned in a house fire, or whatever the case.

 First of all we are a Non-Profit Organization, dedicated to helping Kid's and their Families that have been born with a crippling disorder, we have some of the Finest Highly Skilled Physicians on Staff that can be found anywhere on this planet. Every year you will see a Shriner standing somewhere in his "Fez" and a bucket in his hand collecting money, every dime and penny that that Noble Collect's goes to support our Hospital's, not one Penny of it is used for the Temple or Administrative cost's!

   You see, a lot of people misunderstand what our purpose and mission is in Society, it's simply this. We fully fund our Hospitals, which mean's that if a Child need's help, or Surgery they are Admitted to our Hospital's and given the treatment and care that they need by our Skilled Physicians at "No Cost" to them or the family, we will transport them to the Hospital, furnish everything that is needed, including Medicines, Surgery, and all supplies without cost or obligation to the Family, we even give the family member that stay's with the child room and board, all at "No Cost or Obligation" !

  We have two Hospital's out of the Nashville Region Temple that we fund, one is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. That is the Burn Center. The other hospital is located in, Lexington, Kentucky. That one specializes in Crippled Children. The name of our Temple in Nashville is "Al Menah Shrine Temple". I have been a member for about 7 year's now, and until I suffered a Heart Attack, I was actively involved in " The Clown Unit " I was very proud to get out and make the parades and all the other activity's that we participate in as a unit of the Imperial Shrine.

  We are an organization like No Other I have ever been affiliated with, I don't know of another Organization on Earth that does what we do for people, and never ask for anything in return. Every member of our organization pay's his own way fully, the Shrine does not furnish us anything, all of it comes out of our pocket as due's paying member's! And I don't know of one single "Noble" that has ever regretted committing themselves to do the work that we do! Every year at Christmas time we load up Truck's ~ Motor homes ~ Car's and anything else that we can find with Toy's, then we make our way to the Hospital's to give the Kid's a Christmas that they are not soon to forget.

  If you know of a Child that is in need of help, by all mean's find you a Shriner in your City, tell that Noble that you know someone that is in need of our help, that Noble will get you to whoever you need to see in your area, and they will Sponsor that child to have everything that they need to get the problem taken care of, so don't ever hesitate to talk to a Shriner about someone that you know that is in need of our help, that is what we are for, that's what we are all about! If you don't know where to find a Shriner, just look in the Yellow Page's to find a Shrine Temple close to you, they are always ready to help.

Have you " Hugged " your Clown today?

We just Love to be "Hugged" especially by children, there is no feeling in the World that is quiet as good as to be Hugged by a Little Child, the only other Hug I ever got that felt as good was in a Hospital, from a Terminally Ill person, I am going to reminiss a little now, the 1st time I ever did a Hospital Visit at our community hospital here in town, I was a little reluctant about going into sick people's room. I was not sure what kind of reception I would get, Gosh, was I ever surprised.

I stepped off the elevator on the 2nd floor and the look on the Nurses face was puzzling, 1st it was a look of " What is It", then a "Big Smile" replaced that look, Next I got the "Biggest Hug" that a person could ever ask for! Next she said, "I have someone I want you to see"! We go into this room and there was a Teenager who had Terminal Cancer, as I walked over to his bed and started to talk to him, the Biggest Tear I have ever seen came rolling down his cheek.

His Girlfriend started to cry, and my heart was literally torn from my body! I began Clowning around with him, making balloon animal's for him, finally got him talking, and as I was preparing to leave, he had the Biggest Grin on his face that you have ever seen, I left him laughing, that was worth more to me than all the money you could have given me, the Doctor was out in the hall, as I came out and he got me by the arm, and said, "You are the only one that has made him Smile since he came in to the Hospital". (that made my day / week / month)!!

To see some of the photo's of me in full Clown Makeup, along with some other Photos that you may like, see the Photo Page, just look for the link to it.

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My sincere hope is, that you have liked what you have seen and read on this page, and always remember that the "Shriners" are the best people that you could ever have for a friend, he is always ready to help in anyway that he can! The next time you see a "Shriner" out collecting for Kid's Give Him A Hug!

  The "Old Rebel" with your comment's or questions, I answer all e-mail as soon as it is received, and will be glad to correspond with anyone!

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