Ventura County frequencies- Police, fire and other frequencies in Ventura County, California.
Ventura County has a few number of goverment agencies and is very easy to understand operations from the police and fire side. There is 3 major fire departments: Ventura County Fire Department (Ventura County Federal Fire deaprtment, they are the fire stations on Point Mugu STA 72 and Port Hueneme STA 73. They are dispatched to calls off the base by county fire but are federal fire stations on Navy bases) Oxnard City Fire  and Ventura City Fire. Santa Paula and Fillmore also have thier own departments but are fairly small. Fillmore Fire is a voulenteer Dept and is dispatched by county fire. The rest of the cities in Ventura County have fire protction provided by the Ventura County Fire. There is also U.S. Dept of Forestry stations up in Los Podres National Foreast, so thats 7 different fire department agencies in the county. 
  I'm only going to list the law enforcment agencies that that provide law enforcment services in the county. Ventura Count Shiriffs Dept  which is divided into the West and East Valley,Oxnard Police, Ventura Police, Simi Valley, Port Hueneme Police, Santa Paula Police, Militarly Police (PT. Mugu and Port HUE) California Highway Patrol, California Fish and Game, Harbor Patrol, Ventura County Community Campus Police (Oxnard. Ventura and Moorpark College) and California State Parks (Park Ranger) all these agencies some how work with each other at one point or the other.

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Ventura County Fire Department
1 154.0100 Dispatch
2 154.3250 E Comm
3 153.9500 E Tac
4 154.1000 N Comm
5 154.0250 N Tac
6 155.8350 W Comm
7 153.8300 E Tac
8 154.2800 WH-1 Comm
9 154.2650 Wh-2 Tac
coming soon Med-1
Ventura City Fire Department
1 155.0400 Dispatch
Oxnard City Fire Department
1 154.1450 Dispatch
3 154.0700 Comm
   155.2350 Gold Coast Amb Dispatch
Other Fire
140.2500 Ven Co Fed Fire Pt Mugu