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Surviving Time Outside Prison:*
Campaign to end deaths of women leaving prison

It is important that YOU get ACTIVE and take a stand for women's lives. Women are dying on a daily/weekly basis within hours, days and months of leaving prison. There are just about NO pre-release supports, information or education, there are just about NO post-release support services nor information.

To organise a week of direct actions and commemoration of women dying post release.

next meeting...
WHEN: Thursday 31 August, 2000*
WHERE: Darebin Community Legal Centre
80 High Street, Northcote 3070


*at this stage meetings will take place on a fortnightly basis after 31 August.

How many more women have to die before something is done?


Victorian Deaths in Custody Watch Committee, P.O. Box 1467, Collingwood 3066. [contact details]

For more information

* The S.T.O.P. campaign name is used with the permissin of FLAT OUT.

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last updated 19 August 2000