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Things To Do:

1. Make sure you are a registered Democrat or Independent so you can vote for Bill Bradley.

2. Register 10 new voters who like Bill Bradley as Democrats or Independents so they can vote for him [Click here for NH Voter Registration regulations and the list of town/city clerks for where people can go and register to vote.]

3. Ask 10 registered voters to vote for Bill Bradley. Send them an e-mail telling them why you support Bill Bradley!

4. Volunteer for Bill Bradley's campaign in New Hampshire!

33 South Commercial Street
Manchester, NH

4-A Eagle Square
Concord, NH 03301

E-mail us with your ideas for mobilizing Independents for Bill Bradley!

It Can Happen.

On February 1, 2000, New Hampshire's Independent voters will have the chance to make history by saying NO to the special interests and entrenched power and voting for Bill Bradley for President. Voting for Bradley in Democratic Primary is the best way to make your vote count — for honesty, decency and integrity in the White House. Many of us who have never been excited about a political candidate before are getting behind Bill Bradley. It's really incredible. We strongly believe Bradley is the independent voice we need against the special interests in Washington and he is so close to pulling an historic upset, not just in New Hampshire, but all around the country — and your support is critical to making this happen. Help make history by voting for Bill Bradley, and with your vote... It will happen!

Bill is Winning!
Latest New Hampshire poll results: Bradley 47%, Gore 40%... latest cash on hand figures: Bradley $10.7 million, Gore $10.3 million.

Bradley Speaks on Campaign Finance Reform

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