dan walters is bored.

"You are a caricature of an overeducated moron. Your opinions are laughably trite, your idea of 'irony' sadly inadequate; just give it up, eh?

"This website is another fine example of the glorious Cambridge trend of recreational politics. It's all so much more exciting when it feels powerful and important, isn't it?"

"This website is bollocks. No, I don't need to justify myself."

Soon, please."

These are a few genuine comments left on my guestbook, from my website of a couple of years back (which is still online), all from complete strangers. Their warmth and honesty has inspired me to work even harder to create a website which (if 'tis possible) is both more useful to its many visitors, and which creates an even better impression of myself as a human being. Ahem.

Personal home pages - a complete waste of time or what? Either you know me, in which case you know most of the stuff here anyway, or you don't, in which case - why do you care? By deduction, therefore, this website can only be possibly be of use to scary obsessive stalkers who urgently need psychiatric help. For all you people, therefore, I dedicate this website - within it you will find all the information that you need to really freak me out and prevent me getting restful nights.

13 November 2001 The website is up in all it's half-finished glory. Hoorah! If you find something that looks like it should work but doesn't, then e-mail me.