Above is a Pop Art painting that I own. I enjoy it because it is obscure and hilarious like great pop is.

Pop Art is not just about Warhol and Lichtenstein. It's also about Rauschenburg and Crass.


The artist is making a working class statement I can relate to about life. Pop art makes me feel good to be alive.

Tasks have meaning if you apply irony to them, which makes life easier. Pop makes life happier and exciting.

Life is too short to ruin it stuck in revolutionary feelings of despair. There is always a better opportunity to enjoy.

Anarchist post-revolutionary poets pointed out that life is about enjoying what it is not forcing it to be what it isn't.

Design is also an art, it can be philosophical with a purpose or it can have a theatrical or parodical sense of humor.

I admire design traditions and artistic discipline yet I miss the chance to have a laugh and be lighthearted about life.

I make an interesting accountant for an interior design company or an art director for an advertising firm because

I have a sense of humor and good knowledge of design and cultural aesthetics. I also have an actor's sense of self.

My goal is to succeed in life. No matter where I am in life that will always be my goal because I believe in myself.

To make one's own self successful, happy, and in love is the greatest pleasure in life. There is no rule to happiness.

Emotions, mature relationships, pleasure, and poetry make life worth living. Without poetry life would be unexciting.

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