Tales from the Rainbow Nation
Sub-title: Cry the Beloved Country
Sub-sub-title: South Africa's Believe it or Not

The concept of the Rainbow Nation

Desmond TutuTo appreciate what this website is all about, you need to understand the concept of the "Rainbow Nation". This  concept was invented by that well known Alchemist, Desmond Tutu (father of Trevor Tutu, and also chairperson of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission). Jesse Jackson's contribution to coining the phrase "rainbow nation" is conveniently forgotten. Tutu must have hated science as subject at school, since every high school science pupil knows that when you combine lightbeams of the seven colours of the rainbow, you get white light. (When all seven colours are absent, you get black). Now the combined Rainbow Nation - as an amalgam of all the colours of its constituents - can not by any means of the imagination be described as a white nation, which means that the concept "Rainbow Nation" is a virtual reality. Like all other virtual reality concepts such as the Sandman, Father Christmas, "the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow", "truth" and "reconciliation", it exists in the imagination only. It follows logically that the tales being told on this webpage, being of a virtual reality nation, must all be seen in this light.....
Tutu was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace. (No, it was not, as you might have suspected, for physics for him having invented the concept of the Rainbow Nation). And we all know that "peace" is also a virtual reality in the Rainbow Nation, making it a very appropriate award.

But perhaps Tutu's greatest compliment comes from Dr Christian Barnard, the heart surgeon, who is quoted as follows in the Belgian magazine "Humo": "The whole Truth and Reconciliation Commission was a farce. When they made their findings known, it became clear how prejudiced and partisan Desmond Tutu, the chairman, really was. The greatest criminals were not punished, but pardoned. Look at Winnie Mandela. She is one of the greatest criminals in the history of South Africa, but she still walks around free. Desmond Tutu is one of the greatest racists that I know of. It it depended on him, South Africa would exclusively be governed by black people."

And now for some true tales from the Rainbow Nation, with acknowledgement and thanks to the newspapers in South Africa who continue to treat us on these tales:

Acknowledgement: Zapiro (Mail & Guardian)

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