Simulation of Chatter in Grinding

This simulation is of a plunge grinding operation with constant in-feed. This model allows for the inclusion of three modes of vibration. There is the transverse vibration that causes a relative translational displacement between the work and wheel and is represented by a single degree of freedom system with viscous damping. The workpiece torsional response is also represented by a single degree of freedom system, as is the wheel and spindle system. The animation is of the surface profile of the workpiece(blue) and the grinding wheel (red). These profiles are equivalent to continuous "Talyrond" traces. The scale is automatically changed for each trace if the variation gets too large.
X: Transverse Position V: Transverse veocity
T_W: Workpiece Torsion T_G: Grinding Wheel Torsion
FFT_G: Grinding Wheel Fouier Analysis FFT_W: Workpiece Fourier Analysis

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