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Water Buffalo win big 16 - 0. Next game Thursday August 1 at 7:00 p.m. Dora Lee.

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We are a softball team that plays in Berea, OH.


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Water Buffalo win 16 - 0 as mercy rule is invoked.

Buffalos WIn???

Interim manager Todd Pickett stops losing streak.

Some Water Buffalo are still hitting well and some are not.

A review the 2002 team is as follows:

Ron Mueller Hitting .600 with 4 walks.

Dennis Belford Only hitting .333 as he rarely sees a good pitch.

Steve Hadick Batting .700 to lead team again.

Doug White Has rebounded to improve to .615, but only 1 RBI.

Dan Corrigan's Hiting .385 and actually seems to have two working legs.

Carl Vavpot Has improved average to .583

Tracy Pickett Hitting a solid .462.

Frank Juran Hitting .600 with one over the fence round-tripper.

Mike Caldwell Hitting a lowly .188. May be placed on waivers.

Eric Kinscher Hitting .563 as he improves in 2nd half.

Todd Pickett Hitting .500. But has lost defensive skills.

Kevin StachnikImproved to .368, but not worth $11 over three years.

Steve Kinnett Hitting .500 and has done some decent pitching.

Gary Theriot Hitting .500 as lead-off.

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