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Crazy-Easy Christmas Party

First update in over two weeks . . . hopefully everyone had a great Hallowe'en. In the meantime, we split our last two games, winning on "Guaranteed Win" Night at 8 Rinks, and then losing last week to the first-place Bisons. We also had Bowling Night late one night (where, by the tightest of margins, Aggie managed to outduel Jen). Into November now with Christmas just around the corner . . .

A crucial stretch of games coming up, starting with this Sunday vs. Bench-warmers. Game time is 10pm . . . another game vs. an undefeated team. But we still haven't reached our full potential . . .

Next game: Sunday, November 5 at 10pm, vs. Bench-warmers

October 17
SO, another tough loss, this time to Blasters (who employed a conventional style of posting one or two forwards over midfield for the breakaway pass). They did win the division championship last year so we can't get too down. Onwards and upwards, Crazy Easy. I'm going Mark Messier (even though he is very popular here) and guaranteeing a win on Sunday. Let's not make me eat my words!

If you haven't already, let Michael know if you're interested in the Christmas party.

Next game: Sunday, October 22 at 7pm, vs. Stingers

October 9
Despite Jackie's (and Mark's) valiant efforts in goal, we ended up losing our first regular season game to Plumb Loco. Andrea scored our first ever penalty shot goal and El Zilcho scored again while horizontal. (Mind out of the gutter!) We (finally) have our team set with Julie joining us so now can get on with the business of winning.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Next game: Saturday, October 14 at 9pm vs. Blasters

October 5
Well team, we finished the "pre-season" with another nice win over Mercer Utd. Newcomers Deanna and John played their first games, and Alan led us with a hat trick. El Zilcho scored while lying on the turf and had a chance encounter with Pink Socks . . . we'll all look forward to November 18 to see if any more sparks fly.

The games start to count for real this week with our first opponents being Alan & Jackie's old team, Poco Loco, Saturday at 10pm. See you all on the field!

Next game: Saturday, October 7 at 10pm

September 25
Nice rebound this week with the win over the Middle City Rockers. Our new goalie Alex shined in his debut, and we had several other players out for their first game. "El Zilcho" led the way with a hat trick and yours truly had a goal disallowed (and a yellow card!) for kicking the goalie in the face. Oh well - onwards and upwards.

Next up - Mercer Utd on October 1 at 5pm.
Call or e-mail Mike if you can't make it!

Thursday at the Foggy Dew
in Coquitlam!

September 18
Tough loss last game to the not-so-Sweet Nuts, but we're ready to rebound in a big way next Sunday vs. the Middle City Rockers. We should have a full roster and get to see everyone who hasn't made it out yet. Please let Mike know if you won't be able to make it.

Next game: Sunday, September 24 at 8pm

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11/5/2006 F
Crazy Easy 2
Bench-Warmers 6
10/29/2006 F
Bisons 9
Crazy Easy 4

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