Welcome all runners and non-runners to my running home page. This home page is designed for both the serious, and the not so serious, runner. My page offers a comprehensive guide for those just beginning to run and need advice, and also for the more serious and ambitious athletes, such as myself. Virtually anyone who runs, are faced with the same type of questions about the sport. In an attempt to address these matters, I have provided answers to some of the most common questions on the principles of training, strength training, nutrition and diet, and injuries. Enjoy and train hard.

This page was last updated on 6 March 1998.


Aqua Training
Diet and Nutrition
Fartlek Running
Heart Rate Monitors
Hill Running
Hot Weather Running
Improving Speed
Interval Running
My Training Log
Planning a Training Schedule
Racing Tactics
Repetition Running
Strength Training
Time Trials
Training Log

50 Inspirational Running Quotes - Choose your favourite and obide by it!

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