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  1. Who is Gheorghe Muresan?
  2. What's he doing now? Where can I find news about Gheorghe?
  3. Do you have any pictures/sounds/videos of him?
  4. Do you have any information about his NBA career?
  5. Where can I get a Muresan jersey?
  6. What was the name of the movie he starred in?
  7. What happened to the Big Gheorghe Page?
  8. How can I contact Gheorghe Muresan?
  9. How can I contact the webmaster?

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Who is Gheorghe Muresan?

Gheorghe Muresan is most well known for being an NBA player. He, along with Manute Bol, were the tallest players ever to play in the NBA. They both measured 7 feet 7 inches. (See how Gheorghe measures up with the tallest people in the world.) Gheorghe was able to show flashes of unusual dexterity for a man his height. He quickly became a fan favorite, and a friend of the highlight reel. Muresan was able to turn this fame into a small acting career, appearing in a few commercials and a major motion picture.

His best season in the NBA was the 1995/96 season. He was named the NBA's Most Improved Player after posting 14.5 points per game, 2.26 blocks per game and 9.6 rebounds per game. Below you'll find some trivia about Gheorghe:

Position: Center
Born: 02/14/71
Height: 7-7
Weight: 303 lbs.
College: Cluj (Romania) '93
Gheorghe, at 7 foot 7 inches, is the tallest player ever to play in the NBA.
Nicknamed "Ghitza" (pronounced GEET-za), which means "Little Gheorghe" in English.
Did not get his height from his parents. His father is 5'9" and his mother 5'7". A pituitary gland condition caused his unusual growth.
Started playing basketball at the age of 14.
Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of his heroes.
Wears a size 19 shoe.
Gheorghe and his wife Liliana became the proud parents of George, their first child, on April 23rd, 1998. They had a second son three years later named Victor.
Gheorghe resides with his wife Liliana, his son George and their Great Dane "Lucky".
From fingertip to fingertip, his wingspan measures 7'10".
Played in France in 1992-93.
Selected by the Washington Bullets in the second round (30th pick overall) of the 1993 NBA Draft.
Signed by the New Jersey Nets on May 3, 1999.
Became manager of the Romanian basketball team in 2001.
Started the Giant Basketball Academy in 2004.

More information can be found here.

What's he doing now? Where can I find news about Gheorghe?

As of 2004, Gheorghe has been President of the Giant Basketball Academy in Potomac, MD. From their website, the GBA is "an academy devoted to teaching the proper fundamentals of the game of basketball to children of all ages." Here are some recent articles about Gheorghe's post-basketball interests:

An earlier update came in the Washington Times in June of 2004 (local mirror). Previous to that, the most recent article describing the end of his career can be found at (local mirror). For other news, the best you'll be able to find is a few random news stories that mention his name. Below are recent news articles that mention his name, though most likely it's only in reference to his height.

Do you have any pictures/sounds/videos of him?

Sure, lots of them.  The easiest way to check out some videos is to look on YouTube. Here's a few videos plus a search for Muresan videos.

Gheorghe Muresan Cologne

Gheorghe dancing

"The drive"

Gheorghe dunking

On the old Big Gheorghe Page, there was a gallery of all of our pictures and each of the videos was available for download. I decided to move them away from this website because it uses too much bandwidth to display the photos here, so they've been moved over to the Gheorghe Muresan Zone.

Located in the Gheorghe Muresan Zone group are:
  • 60+ photos
  • 1 Snickers commercial video
  • 2 Snickers commercial audios
  • 4 ESPN Sports Center commercials
  • 2 video highlights
  • 1 audio highlight
  • A Muresan & Shawn Bradley racing game
Feel free to join the group to download all of the files. Otherwise, try clicking here to see images related to Gheorghe that Google can find through its image search.

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Do you have any information about his NBA career?

Below are his basic career statistics.  All of his career NBA stats can be found at this website.  Or, if that link no longer works, here's a stripped down version of his season stats in table format.  Below are his career statistics.


                REBOUNDS PER GAME  
 93-94 WAS 54 2 12.0 .545 .000 .676 1.20 2.30 3.60 .3 .52 .89 1.00 2.20 5.6
 94-95 WAS 73 58 23.6 .560 .000 .709 2.50 4.20 6.70 .5 .66 1.74 1.58 3.50 10.0
 95-96 WAS 76 76 29.5 .584 .000 .619 3.30 6.30 9.60 .7 .68 2.26 1.88 3.90 14.5
 96-97 WAS 73 69 25.3 .604 .000 .618 1.90 4.70 6.60 .4 .59 1.32 1.60 3.20 10.6
 98-99 NJN 1 0 1.0 .000 .000 .000 .00 .00 .00 .0 .00 .00 1.00 .00 .0
 99-00 NJN 30 2 8.9 .456 .000 .605 .80 1.50 2.30 .3 .00 .40 .53 1.70 3.5
 Career 307 207 21.9 .573 .000 .644 2.10 4.20 6.40 .5 .56 1.48 1.45 3.10 9.8
 Playoff 3 3 23.3 .444 .000 .875 .70 5.30 6.00 .0 .00 1.33 3.67 2.00 5.0


Where can I get a Muresan jersey?

I don't think you can just run out to the store and pick one up any where since A) he's not in the NBA any longer, and B) he was never an NBA Superstar.  But, if you'd like to get one, you have a few places you can try.

First, some stores offer to give you a blank jersey that you can customize.  The Washington Wizards store is probably your best bet. You can put your own name and number on it. This would probably be the easiest way.

Also, there's always eBay.  If you are in the market for any type of Muresan memorabilia, eBay is definitely the way to go.  There are usually autographed playing cards for sale all of the time.  I've also, on occasion, seen game-worn jerseys and shoes.  Just take a look below to see what's for sale on eBay. It may surprise you what you can find!

What was the name of the movie he starred in?

That would be My Giant.  You can find out about the movie at the Internet Movie Database and see what it has to say.  If you are interested in owning the movie, you can pick up a copy of the DVD from

What happened to the Big Gheorghe Page?

The Big Gheorghe Page was started in May of 1997.  Muresan was my favorite player in the league, but I found that the the internet didn't have enough information on him.  All I was really looking for was some pictures and his personal history, but it was no where to be found.   The web page was first started as a place to hold information about him, but became much more "alive" when I starting receiving questions about his current status.

I started keeping news and updated info on him as he switched from the Bullets/Wizards to the Nets, and then on to the French leagues.  After a while, the information started to run out and I found I was updating the page less and less.  I then decided to change the page into a simple, clean reference page where everything can be found quickly and easily.  All of the pictures are kept in one file, and all of the multimedia are stored on the front page so you don't have to search for them.

How can I contact Gheorghe Muresan?

I don't know.  I don't have his email address. 

How can I contact the webmaster?

If you have a question, a comment or maybe something you'd like to submit to this site, feel free to email me by clicking here.

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