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Johnny Bravo struts into Monday nights at 8PM. Van Partible's Johnny Bravo had been the epitome of cool since 1995 when Cartoon Network viewers voted the show, featuring a testosterone-driven Elvis knock off the "No.1 Toon of the Year". That was based on just one seven minute feature in which Johnny unsucessfully tried to impress a woman by helping capture a gorilla.

The network unveiled a second short last year, in which Johnny unsuccessfully trying to impress the inhabitants of the Island of Beautiful Women. Anyone note a trend here?

Johnny has the looks of James Dean, the cool of Arthur Fonzarelli, and the blind romantic persistence of Pepe Le Pew. He also has the mock-Elvis voice of toon talent Jeff Bennett and the everlasting love of his mother, Bunny Bravo (Voiced by acting veteran, Brenda Vaccaro).

However, Mama and the adoring 8-year old neighbour are the only women who pay any attention to this ladiess man-unless you count the times he's hit with pepper spray.

But now there's enough of "Johnny Bravo" to go around, with each of the 13 episodes featuring three new shorts.

The biceps-bulding adventures are enhanced by a cadre of current and vintage celebrity voices (including John Astin, Mayim Bialik, Tom Bosley, Gabrielle Carteris, Farrah Fawcett, Chuck D, Montal Jordan, Donny Osmond, Adam West, Jonathan Wingers, and Daphne Zuniga) some of whom will appear as animated versions of themselfs.

There also are a slew of cultural references. Van Partible, the show's 26 year old creator, borrowed the Johnny Bravo moniker from a "brady Bunch" episode in which Greg Brady takes the name to sign a recording contract.

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