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My Everquest adventure began May 14,2000
Everquest was a godsend to me.
Due to illness I am homebound and not able to do much.
Everquest gave me something to do to break the boredom and also gave me a way to meet people. It takes my mind off just how bad I feel at times and gives me something else to think about. I have met many great people in my adventure and I have to say a few aholes too:)
I set 3 goals for myself when I first started.
1. GM tailor ( skill is 190 getting closer)
2. lvl 60 ( as of this day I am lvl 58)
3. Epic ( more or less give up on this unless I get some help)
I am still working on these 3 items most of what I have gotten done I have done alone.
Guild I was in would'nt ever help me on  my goals.
I was a member of it for almost 4 years .Sad to say they helped till found out I was Ill
then help just went poof. Guess they thought helping me was a waste of their time:(
I have moved all my ladies to another server and can only hope it will be better with this one.
EVERQUEST is one of the greatest games of all time as far as I am concerned.