Haunted Places in South Jersey

     The most haunted county in South Jersey is undoubtedly Cape May. The town of Cape May alone is home to several different haunting sites. The Heirloom Guest Home once housed a gambling parlor and "working ladies' rooms". The Plum and Palm room contains furniture that moves on its own will and there is a something that bumps into beds occasionally. The Washington Inn is nearly 200 years old. At the inn, people often hear the soft voice of an elderly women call out the names of those who are nearby. The Winward House is a turn-of -the century inn where the ghost of a feisty Irish maid has been seen sitting on the edge of a bed in the Wicker Room. There is also a ghost haunting the Cape May County Historical Museum. The ghost has been described as a man with a deep voice. Two sisters who once lived in the Winterwood Gift Shoppe haunt their former home. There also have been reports of a white figure that wanders near a gravesite on the grounds of the shop. In nearby Dennisville, two descendants of the original owner haunt the Henry Ludlam Inn. Henry Ludlam built the inn in the 1700's. The names of the ghosts are Jonathan and Rachel. There have been reports of the sound of shattering glass.

     Ocean County also is a hotbed of supernatural activity. A famous New Jersey apparition is known as "The Parkway Phantom". A ghostly visitor waving down motorists on foggy evenings haunts exit 82 on the Garden State Parkway. The eight-mile stretch in Toms River is frequented 5-6 times a year by an eerie apparition who is very tall and wears a belted topcoat. The ghost's wave is described as looking like a "strange football cheer". After being spotted, the mysterious figure disappears. The eight-mile stretch on the parkway has an unusual number of accidents. Courtroom 1, also in Toms River, is haunted by a couple of ghosts. Motion detectors are often tripped, lights go on and off, and doorknobs are jiggled. Witnesses saw the ghosts of a middle-aged man and a smoky apparition. Lakehurst Naval Air Station, where the Hindenberg met its demise, is haunted by the ghost of an airman at Hangar number 1.

     At the Burlington County prison in Burlington, cell 5 on the third floor is haunted by a prisoner name Joseph Clough. The prisoner died chained in his cell. In Woodstown, in Salem County, a ghost haunts the Seven Stars Tavern. People have seen an apparition with a noose around his neck. Other noisy ghosts have also been reported at the tavern. There is also the curse of Route 55. Supposedly, the Route 55 extension in Deptford is built over a sacred Indian burial ground. The NJ Department of Transportation was warned not to build over the land. People associated with the construction of the highway reportedly were plagued by series of bad luck.



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