The Headless Witch

     Peggy Clevenger was thought to be a witch by her neighbors. There were also rumors that she kept a large amount of gold hidden in her house. A man, who thought Peggy had put a curse on him, drew a picture of Peggy and shot at it. He missed her heart and instead shot her hand. The next day, Peggy was seen with a bandage on her hand. She told everyone that her dog bit her hand. The neighbors did not believe her. They believed that the man caused her injury.

     One of Peggy's tricks was to turn herself into an animal. One day, she turned herself into a rabbit. A group of boys attempted to hunt the rabbit. The rabbit jumped into the window of Peggy's house. Peggy changed back into herself and glared at the boys from her window. The terrified boys ran away.

     A neighbor of Peggy's needed to climb Peggy's fence to reach her own property. Every day, a big, green lizard would sit on the fence, forcing the neighbor to take the long way to reach her home. Afraid of the lizard but tired of taking the long way home, the neighbor decided to throw a rock at the lizard, hitting it in the eye. The next day, Peggy had a black eye.

      One day a fire started at Peggy's house and it burned down. Inside was Peggy Clevenger's decapitated body. Everyone believed that her daughter and son-in-law murdered her. There was no proof to arrest them. A few years later, a neighbor named Bill Mullen became very sick. Instead of dying, he became sicker and sicker. He suffered so much that he wanted to die. Someone told him that the reason for his suffering was that he harbored a terrible secret. He was told that if he confessed his secret, his suffering would end. He confessed to the murder of Peggy Clevenger. He said he was hoping to find the gold hidden in her home and never found it. Then, he died.

     Legend has it that Peggy's headless body roams the pinelands looking for her gold.


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