March 1996 - Just The Beginning

Russian Adoption Experience

We contacted the Children's Adoption Network (This organization is no longer in business) registered in the state of New Jersey and made our first appointment. We received alot of information and a stack of paper (2inches thick) that needed to be completed. This included requests for references, criminal and child abuse checks, state and federal fingerprint requests, and a 58 question questionnaire that my husband and I each needed to complete separately.(The 58th question was to write a 2-3 page autobiography about yourself)

The agency informed us that the paperwork process could take 6-8 months and it was very unlikely that that child we identified would still be available (but not to worry since there were quite a few healthy boys so we will be able to chose another one). We informed the agency that we wanted THIS child and we would do whatever was necessary to get the paperwork completed quickly.

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