May 1996 - Continuing Saga of Bureaucracy

Russian Adoption Experience

The adoption agency called to inform us that the child we had chosen was coming off the registry and would no longer be available for adoption unless we committed to him by June 7 and had all of our paperwork submitted and were ready to travel by June 21st. We needed to move things along (quickly).

I called the FBI in Washington, and within 3 minutes I was on the phone with someone who wanted to help. Later that afternoon I received a call from the supervisor in that area that our fingerprints had been received on May 10th and processed on May 17th and should be received back at the INS by May 23rd. Guess what? It was. The people that we dealt with at INS were wonderful (once we got to know them). Don't ever give up on the first try, persistency pays off. After we proved to the adoption agency that every thing else was approved they were able to get DYFS approval.

I then had to get what is called an apostille seal on SEVERAL (22) documents. I drove to Harbourton, NJ where the Department of State is located, submitted 22 documents that needed seals and was informed that the expedited (next day) cost for this was $35 per document (7-10 business day service was $25). So $770 and one day later I had the documents ready to be sent for Translation.

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