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" What Am I All About? "

Sometimes I am good and sometimes I am bad....!!...just depends on what mood my self wants to be (and that isn't meant in a negative manner either!)in.

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My first and formost love
~ ~ ~ My Family ~ ~ ~

The joy of my rocking chair days... my wonderfully annoying grandsons. Blake, Zachre
Alec. Of course their mother, and my only daughter, Shantelle plays a big part it that too.

Mother...she left this world far too soon to become the heavenly angel she was on earth. Yet,
without the one person in my life it sometimes seems incomplete.

Genealogy Research

Ackerman Family of England. Robert Ackerman's 3 sons came to Iowa in the 1850's.

Smith Family. This line begins with Fennimore L. Smith and Nancy Jane Brink. Nowonline,
some of the sites have been deleted for updating.

Campbell's of Breadlabane From John Campbell, 1st Earl of Breadlabane

Mudica Family. The Deadwall this family is of french/Osage vines, with many a dead end.

My Family.Com Whispers of the Past. My family genealogy pictures.

My Native American Heritage

The Osage are a tribe of plains Indians "whom archaeologists believe stemmed from the Oneota, a fully developed culture that appeared in about 1350 in central Missouri". Below are just a few sites you may wish to visit. Click for more sites.

Our General Native American Link page.
The Spike. American Indian culture
American Indians A Select Catalog of National Archives Microfilm Publications
Mohawk Nation Council of Chiefs

Special Interest Via The Internet

Below you will find some of the interesting things that I have either constructed a web site for, or have provided links for you to visit. As you can see my interests go in many many directions.

Recieve your ribbon of Promise

Stop The Violence NOW!

The Child is MissingThis is my personal site which shares my concerns over the abuse and mistreatment of our children...our future.

Viet Nam!
The war with many unsaid and unraveled ends.
take time to pay tribute to the men and women
who gave their lives in the Name of Freedom.


Now what site would be complete without a few Webrings on it?
Below are just a few of mine.

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---Nancie L. Dobyns---.

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