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Welcome to my web page!

Hi there! My name is Debbie/Deborah depending where you know me from and this is the chronicle on my life. I was 38 years old on my last uneventful birthday. I am married for the second time. I have 3 children and 2 step children.

I am sitting here thinking that I should write something so profound that the depth of this page hits you tomorrow as you sit at some mundane task but the reality is.. I am not that deep. I would love to tell you that I have found all the answers and to bookmark this site, but I am still searching.

My biggest achievements are my beautiful children. They may not grow up to be world leaders, but they have taught me the meaning of love and given me a reason to keep breathing.

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Family Pics

Minnow's Place

Silk Quit (The people that helped me become a non smoker for life!)

Willow Creek Farm Ltd.

The University of Saskatchewan... working nine to five


By the way... I see yer C drive!!

Okay... okay... I'm kidding... It's a trick... I can't really see...
I could tell ya how I do it, but that would be no fun at all :-)

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