Bellingham Historical Commission

The Bellingham Historical Commission was authorized as an official Town Board in 1972 and authorized by Town Meeting vote in 1974. The first Commission was chaired by Edward Sawyer and included Florence McCracken, who remains an important contributing member today. She is the longest sitting Board member in Bellingham.  The Historical Commission is authorized by Massachusetts General Law Chapter 40, Section 8D.

Since its establishment, the goal of the Historical Commission has been the protection of the historic structures within the town, the preservation of archeological items and sites and the recording of the Town's history.  The latter has been aided by the compilation and publishing of a periodic publication called "Crimpville Comments".  151 issues have been published since its initial publication in 1972.

Bellingham Historical Commission

Ernest A. Taft, Chairman                    Florence M. McCracken

Elizabeth T. Andrews, Treasurer        Bruce W. Lord

Marcia A. Crooks, Secretary                Priscilla Compton

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