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Hello!!  I finally found the time and energy to update our homepage.  Life has been keeping me so very busy.... time has just slipped away.

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We are living in Southern Maryland.  Gary is stationed at NAS Pax River.  In fact, we are half way to completing this tour.  What does the future hold?  Well, when the decision is finally made, I will let everyone know. The decision has been made.... We are setting down roots in Maryland. Gary retired from the Navy and is now employed at the base. We purchased a home and decided to stay put in one place for a longer period of time than a "Navy Tour". I will update this page in the near future with new pictures and all of our news.... Stay tuned!!

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I have made some changes to this homepage.  I am including some of my favorite links, there are several photo updates, a fun page for kids, and a section on some of my favorite programs.  I hope that all who stop by, will also sign our guestbook and say hi...  click on one of the butterflies below to check out the rest of our Homepage.

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I dedicate this page to my husband Gary, for all the faith and support you have shown me throughout the years.... and for the love that you have shared with me and our family.

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I also would like to dedicate this page to my Dad and Mom... for all that you have given me and taught me.   I am who I am today because of you.. I love you both very much!!!


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