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Since I moved to the Ca. Desert, I desided to raise chickens. 
Many thanks to my friend J.Rose, who started me off in the right direction.
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I have desided to start with egg Birds.  With one exception, Serama.
Today, I have the following Standard size chickens for their eggs:  
Rhode Island Reds-Brown eggs,
Giant Cochins-
Brown eggs,
White eggs, and
Green eggs
Go to Nesting Box #1
I currently have a few Serama
Go to Coupe #1
(Bantams and Babies with Feathers)
My goals include 10 Breeds.
8 Hens, 2 Roosters in each Coupe.

Blue Self d'Uccle,
Millie Fluer,
Rhode Island Red,
Giant Blue Frizzle Cochin,
and Leghorn
Go to Coupe #2
(Rhode Island Red)
Go to Coupe #3
(Giant Cochin and Polish)
Go to Coupe #4
Go to Coupe #5
(Peacock and Roosters)
Go to Coupe #6
(Leghorn and Other)
Goals for 2009
10 Standard Size Araucana-
Blue eggs.  I also want to increase the size of my Serama Flock.  Also need to work on vaccinating my flock and getting NPIP approval for my flock
Broady Hens
Chicks to young
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