Lilac's Garden Of Prayer

Lilac's Garden Of Prayer

Welcome to my garden. My family and home are the focus of my life. My family and I live in North Carolina. I'm a stay-at-home mom and wife. My family is my career. In today's world, family is sometimes put on the back burner while we concentrate on the outside world. I try to focus on my family and let the other aspects of life be the extensions of my family.

Love your family as if Tomorrow may never come...


A family filled with love will
blossom like flowers in a garden.

Remember Me

As the wind stirs the leaves.........
Remember Me
As the evening sunset cast its rosy glow.........Remember Me
As you smell the earth after a fresh, spring rain.........Remember Me
As you hear the sound of a child's laughter.........Remember Me
As the warm summer sunshine caresses your skin.........Remember Me
As the first winter snow flake falls to the ground.........Remember Me
As the smell of spring flowers tantalize your senses.........Remember Me
As you are wakened in the morning by the
song of a bird.........Remember Me
As the days gently ease, one into another.........Remember Me
As you greet a smile on a friendly face.........Remember Me
As you walk through life.........Remember Me
For I shall.........Remember You.

Written By: Libby Graham

The Eyes Of Age

Thinking back in time,
To a child of only nine;
Looking at the world,
Through rose-colored glasses.

Running with the wind,
Laughing with some friends;
Without any troubles
On those young shoulders.

Days turn into months,
Months turn into years.
Those rose-colored glasses
Turn to clear.

For through the eyes of age,
Is seen a world where hate;
Has caused many moments
Of pain and sorrow.

Carefree days of youth,
Shadowed by the truth.
The world now viewed,
By the eyes of age.

Signs of war and violence,
Tears of hungry children,
Haunted faces of the poor,
Seen through the eyes of age.

Oh to go back in time,
And be a child of only nine;
Looking at the world
Through rose-colored glasses.

Written By: Libby Graham

Simple Words

With all the pain and suffering
In our world today.
Why are the simple words;
So very hard to say.

Words like I love you,
It's all right, I understand.
Don't worry, I'll help.
Just take my hand.

Children killing children
Without any remorse.
They seem to think;
It's their only course.

Words like, I'll listen
To what you have to say;
Might make the difference
To the child who's gone astray.

Slow down, take a moment;
To offer a helping hand.
Listen to the words;
And try to understand.

It's oh, so easy
To look the other way.
But the simple words;
We find so hard to say.

Written By: Libby Graham

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