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Hi, my name is Rebecca Anne Frazier.  My mommy is making this
website for me.  This is her first website, so bear with her.
I was born on September 3, 1997.  When I was born my parents
were told I had
Turner Syndrome.  At first it was a big shock,
but after some extensive research on my mommys part, they
found out it wasn't going to be such a horrible thing. 
But, during the first few months of my life I was pretty sick. 
I had trouble eating anything and when I did I couldn't keep it down.
I  was finally diagnosed with
Gastroesophageol Reflux Disease.
When I was 5 months old I had to have a surgery done called
a Nissen procedure.  This would  help me keep food down so I
could finally gain some weight.
These pictures are of me at 1 year old.  Wasn't I adorable?
After my surgery, I did very well.  I started gaining weight and
learning alot of new things.  I recieved Physical Therapy and
Occupational Therapy through our states
Early Intervention
.  But, I was alot farther behind than I should have been. 
When I was 11 months old, my mommy took me to see a
neurologist who diagnosed me with a brain disorder called
Holoprosencephaly and Agenesis Corpus Collosum
These two things explained my developmental problems. 
Even after the diagnosis, I continued to learn new things, even
things the doctors told my parents I would never learn. 
I learned to roll over and I could even say "mama" and dada"!! 
My parents were so proud of me.
This is a picture of me with my daddy, Rick.  He always could make me smile!!
On March 3, 1999 when my parents woke up,
I had already left to become an angel. 
I had contracted a blood infection called
Klebsiella.  They miss me very much, but will always cherish the memories of me.
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Becca's Site
This is a picture of my sister Rachel and I.  Rachel is 4 years old and I am 1 year old.