Kruse Family from Germany
BY : Frederick C. Kruse III

Welcome to my Kruse Family Homepage. Genealogy has allowed me to discover where my Kruse ancestors have originated. Many thanks to all the kind help from the people at the Family History Center in Dodge City, Kansas, and to my family and relatives who provided a continuous source of information and support. Also I want to thank all my friends on the internet who provided much assistance and guidance.

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Signs pointing to my Kruse ancestors old German towns
Wokrent, Reinstorf, Gross Belitz, and Klein Belitz.
(picture courtesy of Hans Boldt)

Researching the following German surnames:
Schroeder, Thode, Lehmann, Jenning, Koppelmann, Juerss, Sommer, Lange, Adrian, Bruhn, Benick, Buller, Dopp, Dau, Engel, Freytag, Fick, Hintz, Hinze, Koepke, Knaack, Krohn, Koop, Kruael, Lapp, Martens, Papenhagen, Peterfeld, Randt, Sass, Scherpelz, Schmidt, Schulz, Sellmann, Sievers, Siewert, Stampe, Thielck, Wichmann, and Willert.

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updated 16 December 2004