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  • Disclaimer: There are NO pictures of our kids on this page because we're sure only we (and maybe the grandparents) think they're cute. Besides they take too long to load. Ok, if you must see them you can go to My Family Photo Album.

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    Kaleidoscope (a cool Mac Control Panel)

    • The Kaleidoscope Home Page - Download the Control panel here
    • The Way - a great site for those wanting or needing older versions of Kaleidoscope, nifty utilities and advice for designing your own color schemes, Plus lots more
    • Blue Sky Hearts- THE most beautiful graphics on the web. The Icons on the first page are Laynes too, called Blue Sky Icons. Also K-schemes called Scrollites, for the sophisticated Mac.

    Genealogy Links
    • Folsom Family Association Web page - My personal favorite, is constantly updated, information on how to join the association, reunion information, short History of the Folsom Family in America, Passenger List of the Diligent - 1638, The first 4 generations of Folsoms in America
    • GENDEX Index of Surnames - the actual information from GEDCOMs on the web.
    • USGenWeb Project - search for information by State and County or access World GenWeb
    • LDS Church Genealogy Search - If you have heard people talk about the "IGI" (International Genealogical Index) and can't get to a Family History Center it is your lucky day! The IGI is on-line with enough bandwidth to accomodate everyone! This site allows you to search the Ancestry file also.
    • Parsons Genealogy Registry - registry of information downloaded by users of Parsons software, searchable archive
    • HAMPTON, N.H. GENEALOGY - Online database of Dow's book on the History of Hampton NH, if you have ancestors in Rockingham County, NH this site is worth a look
    • The Quaker Corner - Do you get irritated when you go into a store and the prices aren't marked on the items? Have you traced your ancestors to a place that has MM in the name? Do you like to dress plain? If so check out this page and find out why. Also has links to Quaker Surnames, family pages, history, and Monthly Meeting places.
    • Master Index to Royal Genealogical Data - If you ran into the Royal lines, or think you have this is a good place to look.
    • USGS Mapping Information: GNIS Data Base Query Form - Need to find a place that isn't on any map? This is the place to look. If it is a defunct place be sure to check "variant name" on the form.
    • Roots Surname List Name Finder - Want to see who else is researching the same name you are? You'll love this place! Sometimes the people on this list have web pages too, they at least have an e-mail address.
    • GenForum - Surnames - Look for your surnames here.
    • Find a Place in the UK - Need to find a place in England or Scotland. Try here! Like USGS for England and Scotland.
    • Gencircles A new place for genealogy. It has a great feature called Smart Matches, individuals in files are compared to other files on the service.

    Our Genealogy Pages
    My Genealogy software is Reunion 5.0

    • FOLSOM GENEALOGY - I have moved the genealogy information to Gencircles. - Tons of surnames includes FOLSOM. Folsom genealogy before about 1850 comes from "Folsom Genealogy" in 4 Vols. Published by the Folsom Family Association. Yes I will do lookups. Other names include (if their in all caps I have a bunch of them) MERCER, RODMAN, Thompson & SIMONS, Crabtree, THOME/THOMA, Fagan. Gencircles doesn't have picture capabilities I am putting addresses in my files to bring you back to pictures. Includes some pictures the earliest from a tin type from 1851.
    • Folsom & Simons front page on Gencircles - 10,000+ individuals

      My oldest kids dad's line

    • Holiman File at Gencircles - Surnames include Holiman, Pratt, Poe mostly from Arkansas, Heise & Haas from Kansas and Germany

    Science Fiction & Fantasy

    • The Wheel of Time Series Index-This page has a link to almost anything you want to know about the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan.
    • Tor Books-Publishers of some of the greatest science fiction/fantasy ever written.
    • Rolozo Tolkien Tolkein images by various artists, expecially check out the work of artist John Howe they are terrific.
    • Ann McCaffrey-Her home page, author of the Pern Series.
    • Pern Page - a page at DelRey, publishers of the Pern books with lots of links.

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