by Steven Anthony DeRoche
About me: I am a 15 year old, high school student living at Petit de Grat, situated on the south coast of Isle Madame. I attend I.M.D.H (Isle Madame District High) and it's my first year. It's great, I have lots of new friends and the new teachers are really nice.
    I am fairly new to genealogy. I've only been collecting since August of 1997, but I have a large amount of people put together. I hope to put up more families of Isle Madame in the future.
I have begun putting together some families from Isle Madame, of which I am a descendant even though I am a descendant of pretty much all of them, just like everyone else here. These pages are not yet completed and I will add any additional information as soon as I get a chance. Please, feel free to
write me if you see any errors or if you can add anything new. My sources are posted below each  family.
Here are the pages I've written so far:
Thanks to Lark Szick, I was able to post the 1813 Militia Roll for Men Capable of Bearing Arms in Cape Breton.
2nd Reg't
for the following divisions:
I have also transcribed parts of the 1752 Sieur de la Roque, Acadian Census of Ile Royale (Cape Breton Island). They can be accessed at my 1752 Census page.
I have begun copying the marriage records of La Paroisse de Notre Dame Church in Arichat. Please check it out at my Arichat Records page.
So far, it's from January 7, 1839 - January 20, 1840.
NEW:  Saturday March 29, I finally had a chance to visit the cemetery in Arichat. I was able to transcribe HALF of the older part across the road. Please visit my cemetery page.
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I'd like to say a special thanks to:
Charles Samson for his charts and information and his patience in answering the tons of e-mail I sent to him.
Lark Szick for transcribing the 1813 Militia Roll for Men Capable
of Bearing Arms in Cape Breton, 2nd Reg't and for allowing me to post it on my page.
Jeanne Joyce-Stone for all her help with my page.
Olive Dawson for her time and patients in transcribing the D'Escousse parish records.
Ed Galvin for his D'Escousse census and his terrific Josse information
 Syd Mifflen for the Louisdale parish records and his huge file.
Thanks to the ISLE MADAME LIST SERVE and all of it's

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