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My husband and I are working on Our Family Surnames. We have posted just a small amount of information. Later we hope to be able to post more. But in the meantime feel free to e-mail us with questions or to change any errors that may have been made. We share all family information.
Tommy & Kathy
My husband and I with our two wonderful daughters, Melissa and Sara.
The family reunion chat room is open 24 hours a day.
Family Reunion

Our surnames:
Blakley (KY)
Cummins: Under Contruction
Ellison (NJ to KY)
Golden (TN and KY)
Harp: (KY)
Lay (TN and KY)
Lee (VA and KY)
Peace (Knox and Whitley Co., KY)
French ( KY)
Gilreath (SC, NC, and KY)
Kirklin: under construction
Richardson: under construction
Steele: under construction
White: under construction
Photo's of Richardson's Reunion
Picture's of the Past
Dedication to Our Grandfathers
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