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American Curls Kittens Pie and CarolineGreetings From New York City!

Procurl Harem is Caroline Scott and Michael Tucker. That's me, Caroline,  to the left with 'Pie', CFA GC BW RW Procurl Harem Lauren Bacurll DM. Our love affair with the American Curl began in 1986 at the Madison Square Garden Cat show, and is still going strong. Read the entire story in our Curl Origin and Personality Traits page. Our sole purpose of breeding for all these years, is for others to experience the joy our babies bring to people. People comment all the time, that “these are not cats, but little buddies”. Breeding to the standard for that perfect cat should be the goal for any reputable breeder. Not just selling kittens. We welcome first timers into our Curl family if a suitable home awaits them, naturally. Our Curls adjust quickly to other pets and are not overly active and demanding. They are personable and very dog-like retaining their youthful kitten vigor throughout adulthood. Thus being called the Peter Pans of the feline world.

     Our pet, show/breeder and show/alter quality kittens are all longhair and placed at 3 months old if picked up locally, or 4 months old if shipped. For those with mild allergies, it has been indicated many times through our kitten owners, that the usual allergen associated with common cat allergies are much less or non-exist ant with our Curls. You may come for a visit to test this out, but realize we do not take a kitten back once placed due to allergies. Occasionally we have retired show curls. Check the bottom of Available Purebred Kittens page for availability. Please ANSWER A FEW QUESTIONS necessary before acquiring one of our Curls.

     Your never-caged Curl kitten is raised in our home with a very select  six cats guaranteeing with affection and happy adjusted pedigrees. They get much attention and social skills from day one. Each kitten comes with a record of vaccinations, five-generation pedigree, registration papers (after altered) and color photos of mom and dad. We breed all levels from top show to pet quality. Guaranteeing a "top show" is meant by Mike and I showing the kitten at least once to insure confirmation, handling, and most important that the kitten is a happy one at the show hall! Of course we do not require you to show a kitten, that is your preference. We have a grooming video available free for new show owners, or $10 if purchased separately. Call (212) 598-0018.

     When you pick out a kitten, we send updated pictures every 2 weeks and video clips of it's progress. We have a wait list for some colors and a deposit would be required to reserve a kitten is special colors are wanted. Our color palette is praised internationally ranging from blue-eyed color points, smoked tortoiseshells, breathtaking cameos, dilute calicos, and silver patched tabbies. Everything truly exciting! (no short hairs, sorry). We welcome visits to our New York loft if not familiar with American Curls, and will provide you with a free DVD of our kittens and cats on the nationally televised show PET KEEPING with Mark Marrone. Just ask, after visiting each page of our site, to know further invaluable specifics re their remarkable traits, and to see our adult Curls on MEET OUR CFA GRAND CHAMPIONS.

     Since 1986, Michael and I have been showing and breeding Curls exclusively,  and in CFA since Curls achieved Championship status in 1993. We have proudly achieved 4 CFA National Wins- 1 Championship, 2 Kitten and 1 Premiership. We also hold the highest spot in Curl Grands at 50, along with 22 Regional Wins, and 7 Distinguished Merits including in 2004, CFA's first and only male American Curl DM (15 Grand offspring). Significantly that year GC RW Procurlharem Drew Curlymor of Wimpl DM became Procurlharem’s first five-grand litter, and to mark our decade of exhibiting in CFA, we have achieved 10 out of 14 National Best of Breed awards. We are responsible for starting out a significant number of international Curl breeders specifically in Japan and Hong Kong, while continuing to mentor breeders in the US.

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