B-Face Interview

Pat--1. When are you going to tour around in the NY area?, again,
because you were just here on long island?
B-FACE- We're playing Coney Island High during the CMJ convention with MTX,
Cub, Groovie Ghoulies, Pansy Division, and The Smugglers. I believe it's
September 7th.
Pat--2.how did it come about that you guys formed?
B-FACE--I met Joe when he gave me a ride to a Social Distortion show in
1989 or 1990. He soon after asked me to try out on bass. He already had
worked with Hugh in the '80s.
PAT--3.how did ya come up with the name!?
B-FACE---Joe started the band and came up with the name to piss people off.
It doesn't mean anything.
4.Are you going to start on a new album right away?
One's on the way now.
5.so how good of friends are you guys with Ben Foster(Weasel) and the rest
of the guys from screeching weasel?
Great friends, Ben was responsible for our hooking up with Lookout and our
first tour was with Screeching Weasel. We were all packed in one van!
6.Do you think (know) if all this hype about the weasel reunion is true?
what do you think about it?
It's true. I think it's cool. I love Screeching Weasel.
7.what was your favorite album of all the ones you made?
I don't really have one. The newest one is the best sounding, but I'll
always like the first because, well, it was the first. I like different
things about different records.
8.if and when you make a new album, will it be like the latest album or
will it go back to the old style?( im talking more so about "go home"
because the a day late and a dollar short is mostly old stuff?
It's all new stuff, with a new version of "Love Love Love".
9.when you started were you influenced by any bands, if so who?
Ramones, Social Distortian, Dickies, Angry Samoans, lots of 50's and 60's
10. how did you get your first record deal? Ben recommended that we send a
demo to Lookout, and they liked it enough to sign a deal with us.
11. Any advice for new bands coming out, ya know, just a bunch of kids
jammin, and and mabey playing shows?
Keep at it, don't break up over silly things. Don't let a bad show get ya
down, either. There will always be shitty shows.
12. I know that you guys dont really care about the sellout issue, i say,
who cares just have a good time doin it! What do ya think?
That's exactly where we're coming from. We don't give a shit about kids
yelling sellout at every band that get recognition. We're having a good
time, so don't bother crying to us.
13. Anything weird, strange cool, funny etc, happen at any of your shows?
got any show stories?
One time in Phoenix a girl let off an entire can of mace in the crowd. At
the same show I saw a guy knock over a trash can that contained bottles and
get on his hands and knees to slurp up beer amongst the trash and broken
glass. We've had all sorts of fights and shit like that.
14. What do you guys do when not together as the queers?
I do drawings for other bands, Hugh doesn't do much, Joe's been working on
a compilation for Lookout.
15. Whats with felix the cat?
We have nothing to do with that. Lookout puts him on all our stuff.