AORN Alameda County, CA
Committee Reports

Newsletter Committee
December 2002 Newsletter

This newsletter is mailed to ten people connected to National AORN. They are the president, the chapter relations coordinator, the AORN Board Liaison, the AORN Ombudsman, and the chairmen of the following committees: AORN National Committee on Education, AORN Legislative State Coordinator, AORN Membership Committee, AORN Nursing Practice Committee, AORN Nursing Research Committee, and the AORN Membership State Coordinator. We received a nice e-mail on October 20 from Jan Alcock, the chairman of the National AORN Membership Committee.

“Hi Penny, Mary, & Kevin,
Just wanted to thank each of you for your outstanding contributions to the Membership of AORN. The focus of this year’s committee has been to increase “Connection” and “Communication” amongst our colleagues.

I thoroughly enjoy reading about the activities going on in your Chapters and States. Believe me it is not going unnoticed. Keep up your enthusiasm and continue to send the wonderful correspondence.

Give my regards to our AORN Colleagues in Tennessee, Florida, and California. It would be tough to beat this “Connection” from coast to coast. All of you are a “VITAL LINK” to AORN.


Jane Alcock, RN, CNOR
National Membership Chair”

By Mary Ritchie, Chairman

Project Alpha
December 2002 Newsletter

Junior nursing students enrolled in the Samuel Merritt College program completed their rotations at the end of October. January will be here before we know it, and the faculty is already securing sites for the students enrolled in the Masters nursing program. I hope you will consider precepting a student in the new year.

By Donna Benotti, Chairman

Ways & Means Committee
December 2002 Newsletter

Thank you to all those who sold and bought greens. This years’ sellers included Donna Rodgers (Washington Surgery Center), Evelyn Steen (Washington Hospital), Clenia Yadao (San Leandro Surgery Center), Ann Ceasri (Eden), and our retirees, Jo Sakaldasis and Pam Reuling. Additional help for counting out the orders was provided by Kathie Shea and Beth Mar.

The top sellers were Donna Benotti ($444) and Donna Rodgers ($428). We have some additional garlands, centerpieces, and wreaths for sale, so please contact me if you have some spot that’s crying out to be decorated. If we do not sell anymore, our estimated profit will be almost $500.

By Donna Benotti, Chairman

Point / Counterpoint
October 2002 Newsletter

If you've ever been to a chapter meeting, you may have heard the word points more than once. Is that someone's handiwork being discussed, you might have wondered. Not exactly - it's more like work from the heart. Let me explain.

A chapter is only as good as its membership. Members are needed to do the activities necessary to keep the chapter functioning. A system is in place to assign a point value to these various activities. For example, holding an elected position, such as treasurer, is worth six points in a given year. Points are accumulated from July 1 through June 30. So, what is the point (groan) of all this, you might ask? The Points System is used as the basis for selection of delegates to the annual AORN Congress. Those with the most points will be eligible to represent our chapter and experience the national gathering of perioperative nurses. This is a unique conference that everyone should attend at least once. It is an opportunity to hear what is happening at the national level and a means of earning contact hours while learning from some of the top perioperative nurses in the field.

The chapter is allowed a certain number of delegates who are partially funded in return for their efforts. This newsletter contains a copy of the points system activity values on page 10. Please set them aside and keep track of your earnings. It's not that hard and it's a first step to becoming a more active member. I hope to see you at the next Congress! Please call me for a “Points Record” form - 510-791-2428
or 510-791-5374.
Summary of Points Audit:

Mary Ritchie 269
Donna Benotti 170
Kathie Shea 73
Sophie Taylor 48
Evelyn Steen 47
Donna Rodgers 41
Felicia Williams 26
Clenia Yadao 22

By Donna Rodgers, Points Committee Chairman

Point System
October 2002 Newsletter

Points are earned for the following activities:
Activity Points
New member recruitment 3/recruit
Attendance at education portion of chapter meeting 1
Attendance at business portion of chapter meeting 1
Attendance at a committee meeting 1
Attendance at a Board of Directors meeting 1
Attendance at a chapter sponsored workshop 2
Elected position
(e.g. officer, BOD, Nominating Committee member)6
Committee chairman 3
Committee member 1
Assigned committee work 1/hour
AORN chapter meeting presenter 6
AORN workshop presenter 6
Article published in the chapter newsletter 1
Article published in the AORN Journal 6

* Points must be submitted on the “Points Record” form and/or the “Individual Record of Committee Work form. Please contact Donna Rodgers (call 510-791-2428, 510-791-5374, e-mail, or see her at a meeting) for these forms.
* Points earned by attendance will be verified using the sign-in sheet. It is the responsibility of the member to register at all point-eligible functions.
* Points are earned July 1 - June 30.
* Points may be submitted to the Points Chairman (Donna Rodgers, who is also the secretary) at any chapter meeting.
* The Points Chairman has the authority to accept or reject the number of points submitted.
* In the event of a dispute with the Points Chairman, arbitration will be by the Board of Directors.
* In the event of a tie for points, delegate selection will be by lot.
Revisions: 4/94, 6/95, 1/97, 9/99, 12/00

By Donna Rodgers, Points Committee Chairman

Membership Committee
October 2002 Newsletter

The Third Annual Membership Raffle will occur at the November 6 chapter meeting. To celebrate Perioperative Nurse Week, the chapter raffles a free membership to AORN. This raffle is available to those RNs who purchase tickets at the November meeting. Participants must be present to win.

By Donna Benotti, Chairman

Ways and Means Committee
October 2002 Newsletter

“Deck the Halls with Christmas Greenery, FaLaLaLaLa.” Yes, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in every catalog you open. Your AORN chapter is happy to provide you with the opportunity to complete your holiday gift list by purchasing a gift for the person who has everything, the one who doesn’t want another "thing," the neighbor who has been kind to you all year, the coworker who makes work fun, the hostess who is having you over for some holiday cheer, or even yourself!

Christmas greens order packets were available for individuals and facilities at the October meeting. We are again selling wreaths, garlands, and centerpieces. The orders and money are due at the November meeting. Delivery will be the week after Thanksgiving. Orders may be picked up from Donna Benotti’s conveniently located home in San Leandro.

Support your chapter by helping with the Christmas greens sale.

By Donna Benotti, Chairman

Project Alpha
October 2002 Newsletter

“By teaching I am taught”

Junior nursing students from Samuel Merritt College began their OR observational rotations September 24. I had the opportunity to give these students an overview of perioperative nursing on September 6. There are approximately forty students in this class. For some, the rotation will represent a “light bulb moment” where they are introduced to a lifelong avocation. For others, they will cross perioperative nursing off their list of possible specialties. I know you will welcome these students as they observe what surgery is for our patients; a stressful, life-altering experience. As you tell these students what you are doing as you provide patient care, they are learning how to prepare their future patients for the perioperative experience and why each patient deserves a perioperative registered nurse.

By Donna Benotti, Chairman

Legislative & ORNCC News
August 2002 Newsletter

The next Operating Room Nursing Council of California (ORNCC) meeting is September 14, 2002, Saturday, 1000-1500 at the Hyatt Hotel in Long Beach. Look for more details on which is only accessible with Microsoft Explorer (not Netscape). These meetings are very informative!


The next Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) meeting is in your own back yard! It’s September 5-6, 2002 at the Holiday Inn Bay Bridge, 1800 Powell Street, Emeryville, CA 94608. Their number is 510-658-9300. Dates and locations may change, so please call 916-324-2715 for verification. Times were not listed on the BRN web site ( The next meeting is December 5-6, 2002 at the Wyndham Palm Springs Hotel, 888 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way, Palm Springs, CA 92262. Call the hotel at 760-322-6000.

I found it interesting to see there is a PACU nurse and a CRNA on the BRN Board. There are no OR nurses serving (

Through June 30, 2002, there were 268,337 active RNs, 18,508 inactive RNs for a total of 286,845 (

The California Strategic Planning Committee for Nursing (CSPCN) started in 1992 and ended June 28, 2002. This committee’s focus will continue through the newly formed Board of Registered Nursing, Nursing Workforce Advisory Committee. CSPCN members represented the leadership of more than 35 nursing and health care organizations and state agencies. Its purpose was to strategically plan for an appropriate nursing workforce to meet the needs of California’s people.

The CSPCN web site ( has a brochure for the September 13, 2002 conference in Sacramento (which looks very interesting!). If you’re interested and can’t download it, I’ll do it for you (contact information is on page 2 in the lower left corner).

Colleagues in Caring (CIC) is still active (

CA BRN Legislative Updates and Proposed Regulations:

By Mary Ritchie

Newsletter Committee
August 2002 Newsletter

The Newsletter Committee is off and running with a new year with our two loyal and wonderful advertisers (Surgical Staff, Inc. and Leo Hartford of Zimmer). Synergy approached us with an ad which we gratefully accepted.

Please patronize our advertisers - and tell them you saw their ads in this newsletter! Please feel free to solicit ads yourself. You’ll receive one point each time an ad runs in the newsletter. If an advertiser commits to six issues (which rates a discount!), then you’ll receive six points. This is an easy way to accumulate points to attend Congress as a partially funded delegate.

Visit for all your newsletter information. Or call me, Mary Ritchie, at 310-944-9822 or e-mail me at I will send you extra copies of newsletters to show reps - or you can show them the copy hanging on your bulletin board in the OR (placed there by your newsletter courier).

Advertising rates per issue:

Quarter-page (3 3/4 x 4 7/8 inches) is $25
Half-page (7 1/2 x 4 7/8 inches) is $50
Full-page (7 1/2 x 9 7/8 inches) is $100

If there is a commitment for one year of advertising (six issues starting at any time) with full payment with the order,the advertiser will receive one ad free! Six ads for the price of five! Convenience AND savings! Advertising rates for the above special:
Quarter-page ads for all 6 issues is $125 (instead of $150)
Half-page ads for all 6 issues is $250 (instead of $300)
Full-page ads for all 6 issues is $500 (instead of $600)

Deadlines for ads:
July 26 (August 2002 issue)
September 27 (October 2002 issue)
November 29 (December 2002 issue)
January 31 (February 2003 issue)
March 28 (April 2003 issue)
May 23 (June 2003 issue)

Tell potential advertisers they’ll be advertising in an award-winning newsletter! “The Cutting Edge” - the newsletter for AORN Alameda County - won the 1998 and 2002 National AORN Newsletter Award for intermediate-sized chapters. Support a winner! We won honorable mention in 1997 - the year the awards began.

As an added benefit to advertising in our newsletter, their names, companies, and contact information will appear on our web site. See our Newsletter Sponsors Page at

By Mary Ritchie

Education & Program Committee
August 2002 Newsletter

“To keep a lamp burning, we have to put oil in it.” Mother Teresa

Dear Chapter Member,

You are cordially invited to attend the monthly meetings of your professional organization.

When: The first Wednesday of every month (except January) at:
5:30 - Dinner (optional)
6:00 - Business
6:15 to 7:15 - Educational Program.

Where: Eden Medical Center (except December and June. See the program flyer, newsletter, or web site for details).

Why: To gain exposure to new ideas and trends in perioperative nursing, to be updated on legislative issues affecting health care, to network with perioperative colleagues, to earn free contact hours, and to spend an enjoyable evening investing in your own professional development.

Who: You, the perioperative Registered Nurse, and your colleagues.

What: The planned programs offer a topic for every interest.

9/4 - Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy
10/2 - Regional Anesthesia and Postop Analgesia
11/6 - Updates on Breast Cancer
12/6 - Holiday Surprise
1/8/03 - Perioperative Nursing Data Set (PNDS)
2/5 - Maze Procedure
3/5 - Regulations of Moderate Sedation
4/9 - Breast Reconstruction
5/7 - Minimally Invasive Hip Surgery
6/4 - Installation of Officers.

Please Respond: Only if you wish to order dinner or receive your continuing education certificate following the program. (You may decide to bring a self-addressed, stamped envelope to have the certificate mailed to you.)

I hope you will accept this invitation to attend a chapter meeting. If you do not attend regularly, perhaps this is the year to make a commitment to attend. Why not come to the September meeting and check it out? Meetings start and end on time, and the early meeting time means you’ll be home in a timely manner.

By Donna Benotti

The Membership & Hospitality Committee
“Anticipating 2002-2003”
August 2002 Newsletter

The Membership and Hospitality Committee hopes you will invest two hours of the 720 hours in a month to your professional growth and development. Because we know you will want to attend the September meeting, and so will many of your co-workers, we will be recognizing those who carpool to this meeting. The carpool with the most riders will receive special recognition! So bring a colleague to the meeting with you. You could bring the preop nurse, the PACU nurse, a friend from med-surg, a surgical tech, or even your boss.

FYI: Information about meetings appears in the newsletter, on our chapter’s web site, and in the monthly meeting flyers that are mailed to facilities.

Did you ever read the fine print at the bottom of the meeting flyers? It provides clues to additional activities that occur at the meetings.

Thinking its time to get involved with the chapter but undecided as to how? You could:
* Join a committee. Volunteer by signing up at the chapter meeting or call the chairman of your choice.
* Recruit new members for AORN. Become a Member Ambassador or pass along a membership application. (They are available from Donna Benotti at the meetings, appear in the newsletter periodically, and are online on the national and local web sites.)
* Mentor new members.
* Run for office. Every year opportunities present themselves!
* Be a delegate. Delegate selection is based on points. By making the decision to become active today, you could possibly be a delegate in 2004. (Don’t laugh. That’s for the Congress in San Diego and it will be here sooner than you think!)
* Attend the September workshop.
* Participate in the annual Christmas greens sale.

So many possibilities. We will be happy to assist you in your decision-making. Call me! 510-352-5074.

By Donna Benotti

Scholarship Committee
April 2002 Newsletter

If you’d like to run for any of the following positions, please contact a member of the Nominating Committee (Theresa Arruda-Tanner at Eden, 510-889-5001 or Joann Sakaldasis at 925-454-0831 or ).

Board of Directors
Nominating Committee

Scholarship Committee
February 2002 Newsletter

The winners of the Scholarship Raffle held at the December meeting are as follows.

First Prize: Tahoe/Donner Getaway - Kathie Shea (San Ramon Medical Center).

Second Prize: $100 Cash - Beth Mar (Eden Hospital).

Third Prize: One Hour Massage - Joan Chamberlain (Summit).

Several other raffle prizes went to lucky winners at Kaiser, Alta Bates, Summit, and Washington Hospital. A total of $504 was raised from the raffle this year. Thank you to all the chapter members who diligently sold tickets to their coworkers, family members, and friends. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. And thank you to all those who bought raffle tickets. Your support enables our chapter to give scholarships to our members or nursing students for education pertinent to perioperative nursing practice.

Previous scholarships have been given for registration at World Congress, college courses, RNFA programs, and intensive continuing education classes. If you plan to enroll in educational activities such as these, consider applying for scholarship funds. Scholarship applications can be obtained by calling Susan Sykes (510) 430-1422, or Donna Benotti (510) 655-4000 Ext 2723. Completed applications must be returned by May 4, 2002. The scholarship(s) will be awarded at the June AORN meeting.

Submitted by Susan Sykes

Education Committee
February 2002 Newsletter

Thank you Stryker Endoscopy for the $500 donation to the chapter!

On November 3, 2001, Kathie Shea and Donna Benotti did another "Introduction to the Operating Room" class for new hires of Stryker Endoscopy. For some, it is the first time in an operating room. For those who have worked for other companies, it is a time of clarification of practices and an opportunity to ask why things are done a certain way. It is a time of sharing between the novice and the experienced. It is great to know that Training Coordinator, Steve Budill, values this opportunity and continues this tradition.

Submitted by Donna Benotti

Ways & Means Committee
February 2002 Newsletter

The holidays are over, the decorations are put away, but the memories we made are keeping us warm on these oh, so chilly nights. For those of you who purchased Christmas Greens for yourself and/or others, I know your homes were a little more festive this year. Thank you for supporting your chapter in this fund raising activity. I also want to thank the chapter elves who made this possible by taking orders, collecting money, leaving their homes to pick up the greens on a cold and rainy day, and distributing them. Because of all you merry makers, the chapter raised $534.76. Thank you.

Ann Cesari & Beth Mar (Eden) - $124
Evelyn Steen (Washington) - $128
Donna Rodgers (Washington Surgery Center) - $184
Mary Beth Bernard & Karen Stevenson (Blackhawk) - $232
Donna Benotti (Summit) - $372
Please join me in giving special thanks to retired elves:
Pam Reuling - $192
JoAnn Sakaldasis - $344
And Senior nursing student at Summit:
Sherri Bello - $164

Submitted by Donna Benotti

Project Alpha
February 2002 Newsletter

The New Year is here and students are back. I know how difficult it can be to have one more thing to think about as you care for your patients. I urge you to remember what it was like to be a student. How did you become interested in surgery? Would you be working in surgery if you have not seen a surgery? Today’s student may be tomorrow’s nurse who will be caring for you or your loved ones. Share what you do. If you do not, will there be a nurse in the OR tomorrow?

Submitted by Donna Benotti

Membership Committee
February 2002 Newsletter

We have 166 chapter members. I know there are more perioperative nurses out there. Please ask your co-workers to join. If you are shy about this, call me with their names and phone numbers and one of our committee members will do this for you.

Did you know that membership fees can be spread over three payments?

Submitted by Donna Benotti

Education/Program Committee
Question: ïWhatís Up?E Answer: ïA Lot!E
August 2001

The Education/Program Committee has been working over the summer to plan an exciting year of programs to capture your interest and promote your professional development. As of this printing, not all speakers have been confirmed, but it is the committeeís goal to provide educational programs about these topics.

Last yearís programs were very interesting and Iím sure this yearís will be the same. I urge you to make a commitment to yourself to attend one or more meetings. Pick a topic that interests you or that you would like to learn more about and mark your calendar now. You will find that the programs offer more than the titles imply.

Another change: We will start the meetings earlier this year. We understand that many of our members commute great distances and would prefer the earlier meeting time in order to be home earlier. The program portion of the meeting will begin at 6:30 pm. Of course this depends on the speakerís arrival time. I know we are all sensitive to issues concerning closing offices and traffic.

We are looking forward to another dynamic year. I hope you will commit two hours per month (of the average 720 hours in a month) to supporting your local chapter and your personal professional development. We look forward to seeing you there!

WANTED: Committee Members

There is still time to join a chapter committee. What are your interests? Many volunteers mean little time spent. We always need help recruiting new members, car-pooling to meetings, set-up/clean-up, man-ing (or woman-ing) the sign-in table, posting the meeting flyers, etc. Remember that points accumulated through chapter activities are used to select delegates. Call a committee chairman today (see page four)! Remember, the chapter needs you!

Submitted by By Donna Benotti

2001-2002 Education Programs
Date, Topic, Speaker, Host Committee

9/5, Plastic Surgery, V. Smallhorne, MD, Membership
10/3, ENT Surgery Using Stealth Technology, Mark Zeme, MD Program
11/7, Laser Safety, TBA, Bylaws
12/5, Holiday Surprise, TBA, Scholarship
1/9, Role of the Trauma Nurse, TBA, Ways
2/6, Patient Positioning, David Black, MD, Legislative
3/6, Sterilization - A Panel Discussion, TBA, Points
4/3, Flexible Humeral Nail, TBA, Nominating
5/8, Breast Cancer Update & Sentinel Node, TBA, Research
June ?, Installation, BOD

Please be aware the meetings on January 9 and May 8 are the second Wednesdays of the month. Meetings are normally held on the first Wednesdays. Please note these changes!

Submitted by By Donna Benotti

Newsletter Committee
August 2001

The Newsletter Committee needs your help! Supportive sales associates are leaving companies as mergers and acquisitions occur repeatedly. Weíve lost valuable support for the publication of the newsletter. If you know any reps who would like to help support AORN Alameda County, sponsoring our newsletter would be ideal. In return for their monetary support, they are able to advertise their services and products. Please remember to tell the reps you saw their ad in our newsletter.

Their advertising reaches 159 members' households, 23 surgical facilities where an untold number of people are exposed to the ad (the newsletter is posted on lounge bulletin boards by designated members), and supports the local operating room nurses' professional organization.

The newsletter is published six times per year (August - June) every other month.

Advertising rates per issue:

Quarter-page (3 3/4 x 4 7/8 inches) is $25
Half-page (7 1/2 x 4 7/8 inches) is $50
Full-page (7 1/2 x 9 7/8 inches) is $100

If the rep commits to one year of advertising (six issues starting whenever he/she wants) with full payment with the order, he/she will receive one ad free! Six ads for the price of five! Convenience AND savings!
Advertising rates for the above special:

Quarter-page ads for six issues is $125 (instead of $150).
Half-page ads for six issues is $250 (instead of $300).
Full-page ads for six issues is $500 (instead of $600).


July 20 (August 2001 issue)
September 21 (December 2001 issue)
January 25 (February 2002 issue)
March 29 (April 2002 issue)
May 24 (June 2002 issue)

The back-page area of the newsletter (three-quarters of the page) is open to anyone whoíd like to sponsor our newsletter mailing costs. It cost $607 in 2000-2001 to mail six newsletters (itíll be less expensive this year). The rep could have full page ads for six issues or the high-visibility area on the back. Call me at 310-944-9822! E-mail me at!

Submitted by Mary Ritchie

Membership Committee
June 2001

Tell your colleagues about the value of AORN membership and encourage them to join. Each time you recruit a new member you contribute to AORNís growth and the future of perioperative nursing. The larger our professional association, the stronger its voice in representing and advocating for our profession. Become a Member Ambassador and qualify to win prizes. Call me for details (510-352-5064).

Congratulations to new CNORs:
Gloria Ballelos
Owenita Escalada
Rebecca Lopez
Julie Patterson and
CRNFA Karin Selbach!

Itís the end of the year and time to acknowledge those who have contributed so heavily to our success. Thank you to Mary Ritchie for reminding members, via the national award-winning newsletter, to renew membership. Beth Mar and Ann Ceasri for arranging for Eden to host our workshops and chapter meetings. Kathie Shea for arranging for four speakers (and especially for pinch-hitting for the speaker who could not make it!). Martha See for arranging for Dr. Lanka and our Holiday Surprise! Gracias! Merci beaucoup! To one and all!

Submitted by Donna Benotti

Bylaws Committee
December 2000

Bylaws is working on a calendar (for the fiscal year) which will have information regarding due dates (such as for the budget, etc.). This will hopefully help those of us who are really busy and tend to forget important due dates. It will also contain meeting dates and other planned activities. We'll be sure to publish it in the newsletter once completed. We meet at my house the second Tuesday of every month, and if anyone wishes to participate, they may contact me for directions (510-889-9725).

By Sophie Taylor, Bylaws Committee chairman

Ways and Means Committee
October 2000

Halloween is rapidly approaching and right around the corner is Christmas. Yes, it is time to start making a list and checking it twice. It is once again time to anticipate decking the halls. The chapter will be selling the ever-popular Christmas Greens again this year. Sales packets (with easy to follow instructions) will be available at the October 4 chapter meeting. Orders and money are due to Donna Benotti at the November 1 meeting, with anticipated delivery the first week in December. Please, we need sales people at each facility.

Submitted by Donna Benotti

Scholarship Committee
December 1999

The Scholarship Committee would like to thank everyone who sold tickets for this years raffle. Special thanks to Pat Kubo for her extraordinary ticket sales. No doubt it, she sold the most tickets - hands down. We also want to thank Kirsten Ziegler, Ethicon Representative, for her support. We are very grateful to our sponsors, The Seafoam Lodge and J. Miller Flowers and Gifts, for donating the prizes. And lastly, thank you to all those who bought raffle tickets and supported the scholarship fund. The scholarship applications will be available in January. So spread the news, we're looking for scholarship candidates.

By Susan Sykes

Bylaws Committee
December 1999

It is time to re-evaluate the chapter's current delegate policy.

Points History and Rationale

Some history: Many years ago the delegates to Congress were elected. Many members came to regard this process as a popularity contest, thus the creation of the Points System. Members receiving the highest number of points (in decreasing order) were offered the opportunity to serve as delegates if they also met certain criteria: 1) active in chapter activities during preceding year, 2) attended minimum of six meetings during that year, and 3) completed an Intent to Serve form which promised they would attended all delegate meetings and the California luncheon (which means missing some classes), vote, write a report, and serve on the Ways and Means Committee for the next year. In order that the same members would not be funded every year, but especially to encourage more members to be delegates, the policy was written so that those who served for two consecutive years were ineligible for funding on the third year. The chapter has heretofore seated ALL the delegates we have been entitled to seat. The Points Committee reviews the points that have been submitted and checks the eligibility requirements. This had been working successfully.

Where Have All the Delegates Gone?

Presently, there are not enough members submitting points. The Points Committee reviews all meeting attendance sheets for potential eligible delegates, submitting names for consideration. If members have not been interested in submitting their own points, are they really interested in serving as delegates? Do we need to seat all the delegates we are entitled to? Is it reasonable to require that delegates accumulate a minimum number of points in order to serve? If a particular member has been working to enhance the quality and services of the chapter, should they be prohibited from serving as a delegate that third year if there are no other qualifying members? Should delegates be required to serve on the Ways and Means Committee prior to attending Congress so that they earn their own funding?

We Want To Hear From YOU!

The Board is very interested in your thoughts on this important issue. This is your chapter. Please let your thoughts be known. E-mail our chapter president, Martha See at

Is Your Facility Supportive? Tell Us!

We, your Board of Directors and the Bylaws Committee, would also like to know if your facility has a policy, either formal or informal, that would allow you, as a delegate, to attend Congress irrespective of the vacations of other department employees? If you do not have a policy, do you believe your manager would grant you time off to be a delegate to AORN Congress irrespective of others' vacations? If you were selected as a delegate, how far in advance would you know if you had granted the time off?

By Donna Benotti

Newsletter Committee
December 1999

We're trying to save money mailing the newsletters by distributing the newsletters by facilities at the meetings. So please check your mailboxes at work the day after a chapter meeting to find your newsletter. The newsletters come out every other month.

Iím still seeking a replacement for the newsletter editor ASAP! Iíve done it for seven years. Itís a fun job and all the hard work has been done. I took the job over from Jacklyn Takahashi-Schuchardt in 1993. Jacklyn and I are both highly organized people so taking over will be easy! Please e-mail

By Mary Ritchie

Scholarship Committee
October 1999

The Scholarship Committee requests your help obtaining prizes for the annual raffle. The money generated from the sale of raffle tickets provides the scholarship grants and also covers a $100 cash prize. Needless to say, nice prizes make it easier to sell tickets. We also need volunteers at various facilities to distribute flyers and raffle tickets. If anyone has a friendly contact or the means to print tickets, please call Susan Sykes (510-430-1422) as soon as possible. And lastly, we would welcome additional members on the Scholarship Committee. So please join us and get involved.

By Susan Sykes

Nominating Committee
October 1998

It's that time of the year! Who do you think would be interested in helping to lead our chapter through the millennium?

Nominations are now open for the offices of:

If you're interested in one of these offices, or know someone who is, please contact one of these Nominating Committee members:

By Clenia Yadao

Newsletter Committee
December 1998

The trials and tribulations of an editor/publisher! This year's newsletters haven't been published the first week of the month as planned (that's the reason the deadline was pushed back to the end of the previous month). The August issue was late due to the untimely death of the editor's father. Once the 150+ copies were finally mailed - all the issues were returned! Office Depot in Dublin had made a very nice mistake (or so I thought at the time) and copied many issues onto bright white paper instead of the dull 20 bond weight we normally use. Unknown to me, the bright paper was heavier than the regular paper and required more postage. I've also been mailing the newsletters in their full length (no folding in half). Also unknown to me, the post office changed the rules over a year ago. Objects the size of unfolded newsletters are extra charge. As a result, every single newsletter was returned to me for remailing in August!

The October issue was late due to the anticipated but still depressing death of the editor's mother-in-law. As I was driving to Costco/Hayward to get the newsletter copied, I passed a fairly new Staples office store in San Ramon and decided to save aggravation (by avoiding I-880) and see what Staples could offer in the way of good pricing. It took 20 minutes, but we struck a deal and 230 12-page newsletters would be ready in three hours. It was noon on a Saturday. After numerous phone calls, I returned to the store at eight at night and they weren't done yet! They had broken three copiers and had to redo a section due to mismatching the pages. So much for getting the newsletters mailed that Saturday! As I was folding and stapling on Sunday, I discovered 13 newsletters were blank on pages three and ten. I checked all the other 187 newsletters and they were okay. So 13 had to be returned for reprinting on Monday.

The newsletter needs to hear from you! We are searching for articles about new procedures, hospital news, surgery center news, etc. Are you doing something new at your place? Examples are: the nurses at Washington Hospital must all wear white to differentiate themselves as nurses. The OR at Summit has a new attire policy that allows personal scrubs (purchased and laundered by employees), Summit is starting vascular radiation implants to open blood vessels (I've asked the surgeon to write an article for over six months). What's going on at your place? Please volunteer to write an article! You can even interview someone! All submissions are welcome.
Deadlines for ads:

By Mary Ritchie

Newsletter Committee
April 1998

I am very grateful to the chapter for sponsoring my attendance at a seminar in February, "How to Design Eye-catching Newsletters, Brochures, Ads, Reports." The seminar presenter was Career Track and they have a web site at This seminar was fabulous! It was worth the one hour and 30 minutes it took to reach San Jose! (Never leave the East Bay for San Jose at 6:15 a.m.! Itís too late - the Sunol grade rates as the worst Bay Area traffic problem and I see why!).

Now that Iíve vented about the traffic - back to the seminar. The seminar was a constant stream of information that was useful and inspiring. The newsletter has been changed to reflect the new information I gathered. Iíve decided to forego my comfort level and go with the suggested scholarís column. I donít like this column (itís a smaller column than the other two columns - itís like the bike lane on a two-lane road). I like equity and uniformity. I find the scholarís column troubling. Another aspect that was suggested (that also troubles me) is the ïdrop capE (the overly large capital letter at the beginning of a paragraph). That really ruins the symmetry! Two aspects I embrace are the use of dingbats (small symbols at the end of articles) and the use of more white space.

I learned about different types of fonts and when and where to use them, readability, different types of readers, use of subheads, and so much more!

Iím going to attend Career Trackís seminar on web page design in April so the web page can be jazzier. I tend to be conservative and thatís evident in the design of the web site and the newsletter. I mentioned at another class that busy web pages give me a headache (flashing, strobing graphics and overuse of color send me up the wall). Others said they like all the glitz. Once again, the web page must be designed like the newsletter - to reach a varied readership. The challenge of doing that is fun. I hope you enjoy the results of these two seminars! Comments (pro and con) are always welcome.

I sincerely thank the chapter for financing my attendance at these two seminars. I learned a tremendous amount at the newsletter class and look forward to the web design class with eagerness.

I must close with a comment about my choice of a dingbat (the symbol at the end of an article to denote closure). The instructor of the newsletter class looked at our newsletter and suggested I use a knife or scissors with the title "The Cutting Edge." I laughed and told her how many complaints Iíd received about the image of a knife that used to adorn the front page below the title. So, because of her suggestion, Iíve resurrected the knife. Itís the new dingbat!

Submitted by Mary Ritchie

Newsletter Committee
February 1998

The Newsletter Committee is on its collective knees begging for your help! The newsletter has had very few articles (stories) this year. Please send some articles to the newsletter! The next two deadlines are March 26 and May 25. Please write about yourself, your facility, any new or interesting procedures youíre doing, community work, medically related books youíve read (yes, write a book review), life in the military, one day in the life of an OR nurse, what itís like to be the patient, etc. Help! Please! I strive to make the newsletter more than a dry repetition of the minutes, etc. But the newsletter needs your input! Thanks!

The newsletter will now be copied at the brand new Price/Costco business warehouse in Hayward. Price/Costco has always had superb prices but eliminated copying services everywhere but Fremont due to low profits. The new Hayward Price/Costco even has 11x17 paper which Fremont didnít have. We still have column alignment problems that I havenít solved yet - maybe next month.

The copying costs for the previous issues:

First class mailing costs:

Our advertisers have completely paid for the copying costs. SAFESKIN (Michelle Kinnison) has paid for all the mailing costs. The Newsletter Committee still strives to be as cost-effective as possible because the money we save is the money the rest of the chapter can use.

Check out our newly revised and updated web page. I finally learned how to perform more complicated tasks! I had the flu for three weeks in January and couldnít bear to watch TV anymore so I slumped in front of the computer! Our web site is

Submitted by Mary Ritchie

Newsletter Committee
December 1997

The October issue had such an abundance of advertising that we had to go to 14 pages to fit it all in! Thank you to all the advertisers! Thank you also to our members who recruited the advertisers - Donna Benotti, Evelyn Steen, Beth Mar, Ann Kintz, and Clenia Yadao. Your newsletter committee stands in awe!

I was unhappy with the print quality of the October issue even though it was copied at Price/Costco. Their good copier was waiting for repair!

There are some problems with this December issue with the alignment of the columns which I cannot solve without technical support from ClarisWorks (which is unavailable on weekends) so perfection is still unattainable!

Future deadlines for stories, articles, and ads: January 26, March 26, and May 25. Check the return address portion of the newsletter for mailing and phoning information. Submissions by e-mail are welcomed and encouraged.

Submitted by Mary Ritchie

Newsletter Committee
October 1997

Iím beside myself with joy! Yes, itís the simple pleasures in life - and getting good value for your money. What this is leading up to is - Price/Costco is back in the printing business - or more accurately - they never left. The February, April, and June 1996 editions of the newsletter were copied at Price/Costco in Danville. I was thrilled with the quality, rapidity of service, and knowledge of the personnel. I was devastated when they closed their business center citing poor profits chain-wide (their prices were terrific!). I was told the only business center was the one at headquarters in Washington. Imagine the quickening of my pulse when I spotted ïbusiness centerE at Fremontís Price/Costco (in the "Price/Costco Connection").

The August 1997 newsletter was copied at Fremontís Price/Costco within 45 minutes (with just a little whining about not wanting to drive back to Danville in the afternoon rush hour traffic, then back to Fremont). I was delighted with the clear reproduction of both the print and the graphics. Iíve been very frustrated with the poor reproduction quality at Office Depot and Staples. The graphics continued to be dark and/or blurry. Iím very willing to drive the extra distance to get the superb quality at Price/Costco. However, Iíll travel there on the weekends now that I know what the trip from Oakland to Fremont is like on I-880 in the afternoon! I felt like a rat in a maze. Those sound walls feel very confining! Iím a country girl and I-880 is too much like big city driving to me!

People who have volunteered to be members of the Newsletter Committee are: Beth Mar, Ellen Albano, Daisy Ricafrente, and Dianna Jess. The problem is that we donít have Dianna listed as a member! Dianna - whatís your phone number? Where are you? E-mail me!

Submitted by Mary Ritchie

Newsletter Committee
August 1997

The newsletter editor has suffered a few ordeals lately. Our chapterís mailing database has been stored in a computer at Summit Medical Center for an untold number of years. Summit upgraded all the computers a few months ago and that corrupted our files. I mourned the loss of our credentialing program. Then I began to panic thinking I had to type all the membersí names and addresses into a label program. Iím a two-fingered typist so that was a horrifying prospect. When both Kathryn Philibin and Donna Benotti said to hire someone to type it, I rejoiced. So - a huge thank you to Bruce DíAnthony Hardy for creating a new mailing label list for us and for saving my sanity. Bruce is our scheduler at Summit. (And he did all the AORN work on his own time!)

The second ordeal was the web page ( I was able to upload part of the June newsletter to the web site in early July (since I was sick for most of June). When I finished putting the rest of the newsletter into HTML, I was unable to upload the remainder of the newsletter. I still donít know what the problem is!

Submitted by Mary Ritchie

Program Committee
April 1998

Meetings have been held this year at Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley. A big thank you to Beth Mar and Ann Kintz for all their time and assistance in obtaining space and equipment.

Meals from Boston Market have been well received. Itís been a nice change for us.

Speakers have been informative, political, educational, and enjoyable. The topics ranged from self-help to current events.

May you all have an enjoyable summer.

Submitted by Lila McAlhany

Scholarship Committee
June 1998

Kimberly Manifesto was awarded the $500 scholarship offered by the Scholarship Committee. Kimberly is in the entry level MSN program at Samuel Merritt College. She has been a volunteer and is interested in research (such as the effect of music to reduce anxiety of surgical patients).

Congratulations, Kimberly!

Submitted by Diane Brophy

Scholarship Committee
February 1998

The December raffle for the Scholarship Committee brought in just over $400 for the scholarships offered to students and AORN members pursuing formal education related to perioperative nursing practice.

To receive an application, please e-mail Mary Ritchie at Include your complete name, address and phone number. Applications must be returned by April 15, 1998. Scholarships will be awarded at the June AORN meeting.

Submitted by Martha See

Scholarship Committee
October 1997

The Scholarship Committee has been busy preparing for the annual raffle. We are pleased to offer an exceptionally interesting grand prize this year. It will include two nights stay at Lulu Belleís Bed & Breakfast in Sonora. This is a lovely Victorian Inn complete with gazebo and a carriage. Nearby activities include antique browsing, dinner theater, historic Railtown and Columbia as well as outdoor activities from fishing to snow skiing. There will also be a nice cash prize and numerous other prizes. Tickets will be sold from November 5 to December 3. The drawing will be held at the December 3 AORN meeting.

Submitted by Diane Brophy

Ways and Means Committee
December 1997

Thank you to all members for selling and/or purchasing your holiday greenery from our chapter. Top sellers were Donna Benotti (Summit) with $449 in sales and Dorothy Cronin (retired) with $260. Many thanks to Evelyn Steen and Donna Rodgers (Washington), Ann Kintz and Beth Mar (Eden), Darlene Geach (St. Rose), Pam Reuling (Cal. State Hayward), Lila McAlhany (Kaiser Pleasanton), and Debbie Tung (Alta Bates). Since we had to order by the case, it may not be too late to purchase an extra wreath, garland, centerpiece, or holly. Call Donna with questions. Delivery is scheduled for the first week in December. Final figures (i.e. profit) will be available at the January meeting.

Submitted by Donna Benotti

Nominating Committee
October 1997

The Nominating Committee is seeking candidates for the following offices: President, President-elect, Vice President, Secretary, Board of Directors, and Nominating Committee.

Each job description and its responsibilities will be featured in the newsletter. You may also ask for a position description from any member of the Nominating Committee. The members are Jean Cunningham (ValleyCare), Kathryn Philibin (Maxxim Medical), Clenia Yadao (TriValley).

The Nominating Committee consists of three members who serve a term of two years. The committee is responsible for soliciting candidates for the elected offices. The Nominating Committee meets twice a year, presents officersí responsibilities at chapter meetings, and writes articles for the newsletter. It is a fun committee because you watch your colleaguesí activities within the organization and workplace, then convince them to share their leadership. time, knowledge, and efforts by running for an office.

If you are interested in running for an office, please feel free to approach your Nominating Committee members. Your interest will be very much appreciated.

Submitted by Clenia Yadao

Bylaws Committee
October 1997

The Bylaws committee met at Donna Benotti's house on Sept. 9, 1997. Plans were made for the year. We will be continuing where we left off in June, continuing to update and revise policies as needed.

Submitted by Evelyn Steen

Points Committee
October 1997

Greetings from the Points Committee!

Please pick up your points record forms and individual record of committee work forms at the sign-in desk before the meetings.

Return your completed forms by June 30, 1998 to Martha See, Chairman of the Points Committee.

Points will determine delegates to the 1999 Congress in San Francisco.

Submitted by Martha See

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