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Being new in the field of web designing, everybody thinks about making his dream come true. My dream is my passion, Dentistry. Thats why V all are doing it. U must have been to our other site called KMDC Online enlightening some of the most striking features of our college and its another subsidiary (so called) Dental Update. V all are close friends, are have recently graduated from the college and just wanted to kill our time.

Owais Mohsin, U gotta see him to beleive it, he is just fabulous person (webmaster KMDC Online)

Murtaza Rizvi, I always have nice time when with him, but other buddies don't take it too hard on yourselves.
(Webmaster of his own page)

Arshad Hasan, he recently graduated from the college and remained an outstanding student of his class of 1998 B.D.S

Sheeraz Hussain, If he is upto something he does it but for good only.

Abdul Aleem, he is not my class mate or even my college mate but he is one of his kind and studied in Fatima Jinnah Dental College in class of 1997.

and lots of other innumerable ones have contributed in some way or another to make this a reality. V thank U all to appreciate this piece of effort from all of us by visiting this site and making it a word of your mouth.



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