Car Audio

Performance car without performance audio? Not cool. Car audio was my life for many years. From the first subwoofer that I heard play that first note below 30 Hz and at 135 dB SPL (circa 1986), I was hooked. Since then I have been involved in car audio, both as a hobby and a profession.

However, all of this changed upon purchasing my second generation Probe GT in November of '96. I got bit by another bug....performance. Since then, the audio has taken a back seat in terms of money and time spent on it, but I still receive enjoyment from it and I would imagine many other Probers do as well.

I have broken this section down into a small index. Since this is a secondary topic on this site, I will not spend as much time on it, but if there seems to be a large demand for it, I may consider adding a completely separate Audio / Security / Cellular site.

Browse around. This is just for fun at this point, but you may learn something and see some nice installs in the process!

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