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Suffice it to say, it's about time! Seems you can bolt-on a turbo or supercharger to just about any car, except of course the Probes/MX-6s. That used to be true. In last few months, things have been advancing in this area for us.

Turismo Technology John Brown of Turismo Technology (East Coast's Fastest Honda) will be making a turbo kit for the 2.5L.  He will be tuning my car up sometime after Christmas and at that time he will review the motor, the turbo, the installation, and how well it all works.  At that time he will begin prototyping his own setup for our cars.  When someone like John puts something together, great things are bound to happen....just look at his 11.01 second Honda Civic.  Feel free to contact John @ 561-338-3381.

newsm.gif (1166 bytes)   Needless to say that I haven't heard anything from John about the turbo kit.   Suffice it to say that the kit is no longer an option.  Anyway, I would still like to congradulate him on his lastest best (that I personally witnessed) of 10.40 @ 137 mph at Moroso on 7/9/99 with his same Honda Civic.  Guess the DFI management systems really work!

update.gif (1811 bytes) Unorthodox Racing supercharger kit. I do believe that this kit is now ready.Unorthodox Racing Supercharger Kit  From what I hear, they have scheduled a late July release date.

The kit will include a Vortech V5 D-Trim compressor as shown here. No price has been set as of yet, but the ballpark figure of $4000 has been mentioned several times. Wayne Ip, the owner of this prototype, has reported some terrific track times and dyno numbers with an 8psi pulley.

Read all about what's been done to this PGT on Unorthodox's site under the Project Cars page. E-mail or contact Shawn at Unorthodox if you are interested in one of these or would like more information on it.

There's nothing quite like a supercharger whine coming from under the hood, except for maybe the blow-off of a turbo...

ATS logoAffordable Turbo Systems, now known as TKT (Thomas Knight Turbos) has been designing and installing turbo and supercharger kits for the 2.5s and 2.0s for some time now. I believe that there is now some continuity to the kits. I have seen a few previously and each install was different (see the links below to see what I mean). ATS kits include everything you need to bolt-on a turbo to your Probe or MX-6. The key word here is bolt-on: everything is ready to go. Kits are comprised of T3/T04 hybrid turbos, intercoolers, FMUs, blow-offs, and all necessary exhaust plumbing. Starting at $2500 for the basic setup, these kits are "affordable" compared to estimates that I have been quoted for a custom install. Did I mention they had a turbo kit for automatic trannies?!

As if the turbos weren't enough, ATS is also selling a supercharger kit for the 2.5s. The kit utilizes a Paxton or Vortech blower and Geoff Knight, the owner of ATS, claims 215-280HP to the wheels with 6-10psi.  Be sure to check out Michel's "SuperProbe" Page for a lot of info and pics of various TKT kits.

Some Probe/MX-6 people with ATS kits:
Ron is the first person that I can remember getting one of the turbo kits.
Mac is another ATS customer. He is currently selling his Probe and turbo kit. Grab it cheap!
Joel is the latest to install an ATS kit.

The last option is a custom installation. This can either by done by a professional shop or by yourself if you're brave enough. That's exactly what Dan and Ntruder are doing. Working together, they are installing their own turbos in their Probes. Stop by and see how they're progressing.

That leads up to my install....

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