Hello fellow Probe enthusiast!  Welcome to my "New & Improved" site.  Ever since I purchased a '96 Probe GT in November of 1996, I have spent much of my time in search of performance upgrades for the second generation Probe GTs. Because of that, most of the information on this site will thus pertain to the '93-'97 Probe GT/GT-S with the Mazda-designed 2.5L DOHC engine.

So what have I learned in the past few months?  Well, that's what will be contained on this site. However, I am now fully convinced that the Probes can be fairly easily converted from the stock daily drivers to 200+ horsepower rockets that will make them a worthy opponent to many V-8s!!

There have been MANY requests that I include more information on the second generation 2.0L as well as the first generation's 2.2L and 2.2L Turbo.  I suppose that the '90-'92 Vulcan 3.0L should be thrown in as well.  I am not biased toward the newer Probe GTs (We also have an '89 GL), it is just a hard fact that most Probe performance information (via manufacturers, magazines, books, and other Probers) usually pertains to the current generation Probe GT.  So, unless otherwise noted, the information on these pages should be deemed as regarding the second generation Probe GTs.  If you have, or know of any site pertaining to any model Probe, please send me the links!


Some of the modifications on this site may void your factory warranty and/or may not be street legal. This site is for informational purposes only. Any modifications made to your automobile or actions taken based on this information is done so at your own risk. Be sure to check with your local Ford dealer or Police Department for any warranty / legality questions.

I hope that you enjoy this site!

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