I am the real Dana Scully
I am Dana Scully.

All my friends know it. That is my name. That is what they call me. That is what I write on my test papers. That is what is on my bus pass.

Sometimes I call myself Alison Jones. It's a boring name I know. That's why I call myself that. You have to have an allias if you're being chased like I am.

Everyone automatically assumes that because I have a name that is used on a television show, that my name cannot be that. Well Gillian Anderson admits that she isn't really Dana, she is just pretending to be her. So why can't people get into their thick heads that I am the one and only TRUE DANA SCULLY.

I am sometimes sent to the counsellor. They send me because they think I might have multiple personality disorder. Do they know how rare that is? Well, of course I do, I am a medical doctor.

The FBI is on my back at the moment. Foxy and I (that's right, folks, Chris got it wrong, Fox is a GIRL--do you REALLY believe that I would NEVER get on with someone as hunky as that?) are in trouble because of something we have found. They are going to kill us. So where better to hide than as two regular school girls in an Australian private school?

Please believe me. I'm sick and tired of all these try hard wanna be's who pretend they are me. I am DANA. Every where I go my name is used. When applying for emails, free web pages, chat names, hundreds of girls have already chosen my name. If your name was Frederick Humperdoodle and YOU wanted to use it for the odd internet form, wouldn't you be annoyed if someone had already taken it?

So just think about it. I am her. I am Dana. Stop laughing at me. Stop using my name.


You wanna go home do ya? Wuss.
You wanna winge? So mail me, tough guy.