Fish are people too

I am finding it very difficult to type this as my best friend died today. His name was Tommy. He was a black goldfish with googly eyes. He loved Tommy Emmanuel music so much, we had a special ceremony.Today (13th August, 1997) I dedicate this page to him.

Goldfish are people too. Have you ever had a REAL conversation with a fish? Have you?

My goldfish and I talk every morning, and they really are sick and tired of the way people treat them. They can hear what you say about them, you know, behind their fins. They hear it when people use the expression "Attention span of a goldfish". And they are HURT.

They just want to be treated a little better. They CAN take over the world you know. Any species can....they're all just....waiting. For the right moment. They are sick of having their friends flushed down the toilet. They're sick of being stuck in tanks with pink plastic rocks and metal divers that go up, and down and up and down with a little moter that goes hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Have you ever stuck your head under the water in the bath and then tapped on the side? Try it. See how loud it is? That is what goldfish have to put up with when you tap on their tank.

So please, treat Goldfish with a little respect. They are people too.

PS. My friend Jacqui Giles has a theory that goldfish do not like round tanks. If you have a fish in a round tank ask them if they feel dissorientated often. Thankyou for your assistance.
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