This yellow curved thing really IS a gun.

It is gun shaped. It makes a pow-wow noise. Just because it KIND OF looks like a banana, it doesn't mean it IS one.

I am an FBI agent. I have to have a gun. It's part of my JOB. And if someone is a suspect, doing something wrong, I am going to point my gun at them. It doesn't call for laughter from the suspects' side. It doesn't call for a comment like "that's a banana you loony". IT IS NOT A BANANA.

Some people I know eat their guns. So? There is a guy in france that eats small jets and bicycles. If they want to eat their gun that's their problem.

So look, if you ever see me or ANY other undercover FBI agent running towards you with what you think is a banana, PLEASE watch out, because we might just prove that it ISN'T.

Fine just go home.
Don't believe me? So mail me then, ya loser.