So I am Dana. And I have an assignment...
I'm an F.B.I. agent. They give us assignments sometimes. I have been assigned to something called the W-Files. It means that I have to surf the net and once a week I give a report to Skin-her of any abnormal/weird/bizzare/or just plain crappy web sites that Foxy and I come across.

You can have a copy of THAT REPORT, by filling out this form. How easy is it? Just don't press enter after putting the info into any of the boxes, ok? The report includes links, descriptions of the links and the winner/s of the Award I give out.

So fill it out, will ya?



Web site (if you got one):

If you want you can put here a site you think should be in the report:

You can mail me if you want. Here.

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